Replacement for Sony CSD777-ES?

Has anyone heard of Sony's upcoming plans?

Hi Edward,

The Sony employee online store shows the SCD-777ES has been removed and a SCD-XA777ES has been added. Other forum members have said this new model is a multi-channel, front-loading replacement for the SCD-777ES. The list price for the XA777ES is $3000. Aside from that, I have no information as to the sonics, build or features this new player has to offer. I hope this helps. BTW, the SCD-1 is still listed at the site.
Assuming that we are talking about SONY SCD-777ES, I thought it's going to be replaced by ESD-555ES which retails for $1700.00
I wouldn't even bother. Check out, which is the website for Electronic Visionary Systems. Ric Schultz has been modifying MSB DACs and various CD/DVD transports and has a very high-end DAC of his own, but his most recent project is modifying the Sony ???9000 DVD/SACD player. Ric rebuilds all the areas Sony has compromised on at a price point Sony could never match, and I'd bet his 9000 will outperform anything Sony comes out with, including the SCD-1, and you get a DVD player in the bargain. Ric stands by his work and offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Just so you know, I own the EVS Millennium DAC 1 and am absolutely thrilled with the performance I'm getting and with the service Ric provides along with it--that's why I'm bringing this up. If you want more information you can go to the website or read my review on the Millennium DAC for The Stereo Times( that provides a little more background. Best of luck.


Is the ESD-555ES the unit that's been released in Europe? The Sony Store does show an SCD-555ES, which is a 5-disc SACD carousel player for $1700. I doubt this would be in the same class as the SCD-777ES, and probably not it's replacement. But who knows? We'll no doubt find out for sure very soon.

Take care.

SCD-555ES is 1 disc player while SCD-C555ES is a 5 discs player.