Replacement for Sansui 8080 for college student

My daughter just informed me that my/our trusty Sansui 8080 that I bought in the 70's just died a valiant death. What do you folks think would be a viable replacement of recent manufacture? We looked at the big box stores & their feather weight receiver amp combos seem like they won't be able to keep up with the college life for more than a couple of kegs. It would be powering a pair of hunkin-mama Cerwin Vegas RE38 speakers, 4ohm, 15" woofers. We're looking for semi budget oriented. Thanks in advance, John
Check out any of the Denon DRA series of receivers. I owned one for the better part of 5 years and loved it. Only when I could afford separates did I let it go. The DRA-397 retails for $400 and the DRA-697CI retails for $600 but you can find either for much less.
There's a 9090 used now on Audiogon for 275. More than adequate replacement for your 8080 and heavier too. Just the thing for a cerwin vega.
You may think my response is nuts but consider a Sherwood or a Sherwood Newcastle receiver. They can handle a 4ohm load and they are very well built. I'm sure you could find a used one for a song. Bill