Replacement for Roksan Kandy Integrated

Hello All :) I'm in the hunt for a new or used integrated amp to replace my Roksan Kandy integrated amp (just gave it to my daughter). I had the Roksan for over a year and while it has served it's purpose, I think I'm ready for something with a little bit more warmth & bottom end weight.
I'm hoping to keep my budget below $2,500 for an integrated amp w/ HT bypass. Here's a list of what I have auditioned so far - Musical Fidelity A3.2, Krell kav400 & Arcam A85. I am leaning towards the MF A3.2 but there are others that I wish I can audition i.e. Plinius 8200, Musical Fidelity A308, Perreaux R200i, Bel Canto Evo2. Any input from this forum will be greatly appreciated. My System: NAD 542 cdp & Dali Suite 2.8 (4 ohms 90db sensitivity) Cables are PS Audio Lab One power cord; Analysis Plus Interconnect and double run of Acoustic Zen Epoch.
The Perreaux R200i will be a bit more than $2500 if you buy it new. You can probably get a used/demo one around that price...Its an impressive unit by the way. Quiet, clean, powerfull, really good sounding.

Also check out Perreaux's other big integrated the 200iP. That one has a real pleasing sound, and is built like a battleship(as are all Perreaux Products).