Replacement for PS Audio Quintet

PS Audio has unfortunately discontinued its Quintet, a power center, a surge suppressor, an affordable thing to plug your gear into. So, can anyone recommend a similar product, something well made and reasonably priced, with a decent number of outlets, protection, something that won't degrade the sound -- from a company with a good reputation?
I know, it's not an easy question. Thanks for any help on this.
-- Howard
There are Quintets offered for auction/sale almost weekly here on Audiogon.
Hi Howard,

I and a number of other A'goners have been pleased with the Brickwall PW8R15AUD. It meets all of your criteria, except that I don't know how the effectiveness of its noise filtering compares with that of the Quintet. Also, it does not have a detachable power cord.

-- Al
Thanks, Al -- I appreciate your help.
Thanks, Tpreaves, too.
Unfortunately, I know of nothing "reasonably priced" that doesn't degrade the sound. If you can swing it, the Audience AR6 power conditioners are fantastic, IMO, and the selling prices are very low for the level of improvement I think you will gain. If you can't afford that, you might be able to find an Audience AR1p, which is a single-outlet conditioner, for about $200+. Plug a Wiremold strip into it and you will get very great sound for little money. I see an AR6 up now for $1200 and change. I would do a little bargaining and see if I could stretch for it. It's a great price, assuming the unit isn't banged up all to hell.