Replacement for Proac Response 3's


My father is looking to replace his aging Proac's with something that both sounds better, and is physically smaller. Another requirement is that they can be placed relatively close to the rear wall...say 18-24 inches, and can fill a pretty large room with sound...the room is 20x20x12...power is not an issue as he has Bryton 7b 500 watt monoblocks.

I suggested Totem Mani-2's as a possibility, any other thoughts. We live in Toronto so it would be helpful if it is a brand we can audition locally.


p.s. the current system is:

Proac Response 3's speakers
bryston 7b amp
sonic frontiers line 2 preamp
arcam alpha 9 cd player
oracle delphi mk.5 turntable
assorted cables
How about the new D38's? They are a little smaller, can be positioned closer to the wall due to the bottom cabinet vent and sound better than the Response 3's without being a whole new sonic signature.
'Aging' Proac 3's? Those are darned good speakers, I would do some careful auditioning in the home to see if something new is really better. Of course if you need something smaller... Totem Mani's have a very good reputation.
Not so sure you have to worry about "aging"

My Proac Response 2.5's are VERY old. Maybe one of the original's and they sound better all the time. Get loads of use and the sound really is wonderful. Never had to do any work to them. Just a stock pair probably 15 years old.

Not sure you will find anything better than what you have now. I never have!
It is my understanding that the foam surrounds on the Response 3's are prone to degradation over time. You can do a costly replacement, try to find replacement woofers (matched?) or buy new speakers.
I agree with Dodgealum. I would highly recommend the D38. They are a wonderfull speakers, very musucal and involving. I have them very close (16 inches) to the wall right now due to the space constraint. And they sound great.

Another point, you do not need a very powerful amp to derive these speakers. In fact for smaller rooms, they sound much better with the good but not so powerfull amp. I did a in home audition and compared it with the Musical fidelity A5 int amp (200w) and Cayin A-88T(40w tube amp) and the cayin sounded way better. With the A5, the bass was too much for taste.