replacement for paradigm studio 20 v.3?

My system:

Denon DVD-2200 universal player
Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3
Musical Fidelity X-PSU
Classe CAP-101
Paradigm Studio 20 v.3
Transparent cables

I like the paradigms, especially now that they're filled with sand and set on spikes, but want something more open, more revealing. Given the amount I've spent on the other parts of the system, I think the speakers are the place to upgrade.

I listen to classical and jazz, mostly, in a fairly large room (11' ceilings, 14'x31'). The room has some additional problems I'm trying to work on, like a marble kitchen and glass dining table. I don't feel the need for a lot of additional bass, since I live in an apartment and most of my music doesn't use hit ultra-low regions anyway, but a little more would be nice, other things equal.

Here are the upgrade options I'm considering.

1. Get full-range speakers to handle the larger room. Since I like my Paradigms, I might look at the 100's.

2. Upgrade my studio 20's. I could get the Paradigm Signature S2's, or Revel M-20's or M-22's, or Dynaudio Contour S1.4.

3. I might run the Classe in to an REL sub if I wanted more bass, rather than getting full-range speakers. I could add the REL now, or upgrade the 20's first, then upgrade, rather than going to floorstanders.

I don't know very much about audio, and as you can see, my system is still midfi (but getting there!). Please advise.
You will have more placement options if you go with a Rel and monitors. You might look at something from Totem. I use to own the Studio 40's and now have quad 12L's. I have a bit of upgradeitis and would like to have something from Totem but need to upgrade my CDP first. I found that the Paradigms in the system I had were too bright for me. The Quad 12L's do put out more bass than what you would expect from an enclosure that size. They are rear ported. Listened to the Signature series from Paradigm but thought there were better speakers in that price range. Good luck.
Before I upgraded my studio 20's I auditioned both the Paradigm Signature S2's and the Revel M-20's before opting to buy the MM De Capo i speakers. I highly recommend that you add them to your short list of upgrade options.

Reference 3A MM De Capo i
There are definitely better speakers in the price range. I have 100 v2's in my HT. If you're not looking for more bass, they aren't really a step up from 20's in terms of mid/hi. You might take a look at either of the Merlins - TSM/VSM or maybe Odyssey Lorelei's.
thanks heli... i'll be sure to check out the de capo's.
I've owned both the Studio 20v3 and the Signature S2 in a 14'Wx20'L open ended room. Both are able to play in this room and have no problem filling the room with ear pleasing sound. Here is how I rate the two; I like the Studios, and I loved the Signatures. The Sigs are much heavier, so I think they are able to play louder....Actually, I know they are able to play louder. The weight I also believe makes them sound better and stay under control....the weight tames the cabinet resonance found in the 20's.

I sold my S2's in favor of the S4, which should be in transit now. :-). I opted for the S4 as I think it does an even better job in 2 channel without the need of a sub. The S2 with a sub sounds pretty darn good as well, though.

I don't know if I would ever recommend 100's for an apartment. But, it sounds like your room is fairly large for apartment standards.

The Revel M20 & M22 seem to be a favorite in the sound department of a lot of professional reviewers. But, who are those guys anyways? The Sigs won me over because I like the Paradigm sound and the Sigs looks are sexy indeed!
bought a pair of revel m-22's here on a'gon. thanks for all of the advice. unfortunately, i couldn't listen to all speakers suggested. i did hear paradigm, revel, and dynaudio. i'll report on the results when i get the revels. if it doesn't work out, i'll try the others. thanks all.