Replacement for NAD C350

Hello my fellow A'goners! I am in the process of upgrading my post-apocalyptic divorce system (Sony P.O.S. DVD player, NAD C350 integrated, Axiom Audio M22 speakers). I am starting from the source out and am receiving an Arcam DV137 universal player (I wanted a Theta Compli my dealer had for $650, but did not act quick enough). Next, I want to replace my trusty, but aging NAD. I fell in love with a Bel Canto e.One S300iu at said dealer, but it is out of my price range (think $600-800 new or used). The NAD has plenty of power for my needs but I am missing the palpability and transparency I am looking for. Any suggestions? Or, do I skip a step and replace the Axioms for something in the aforementioned price range? Thanks in advance!
Try used Chanel Islands power amps. They are D-Class like the Bel Canto. Then add an affordable preamp like an AES (Cary made) AE-3. I am assuming you would be buying "pre-owned".