Replacement for my Beveridge RM-1 and MD D-75?

I recently had a power surge that damaged my dearly loved Beveridge RM-1/RM-2 (pre-amp and DC regulated power supply). I need for insurance purposes a modern replacement. I called Beveridge and they plan on making this preamp again but this time at a price of $12k - $14k based on cost as it will be made in Chicago (or so I was told). I love the preamp and it was many thousands of dollars in the 80's and the phono-stage was the best I have heard even currently for under $1k.

The RM-1/RM-2 had AC pass to the capacitors as a result of the damaged rectifier. I built a quick rectifier from four 6-amp diodes (monsters - these were!) and replaced a shorted pass-transistor, all damaged capacitors with SPRAGUE 400-volt, 500uf capacitors and hard-wired all the vaporized silver/lead traces with no luck. I spent 15+ hours and about $80 in parts - I had them on hand, though - and still no output. I threw in the towel.

The Musical Design D-75 was also damaged. I am very technical and I repair gear for a a living (usually RF and lab equipment) so I tore into the RM-1/RM-2. The full-wave bridge rectifier was damaged from the surge (it must have been a monster as that rectifier has a SURGE rating of over 200-amps at 1/2 cycle!). The two resistors in-line with the RCA inputs (2.2 ohms 1/2-watt) were BLOWN and that caused a short so the amplifier kept blowing fuses. I replaced the resistors with 10-ohm 1/2-watt and brought it up slowly and at about 10-15 volts the fuses blew - and blew and blew again. The ground floats in the amplifier (bad idea in my opinion) from the initial design - it was not bad or damaged, that was just the way it was designed. Long story short the left and right channel were damaged but the resistor replacement corrected the RIGHT channel - the left channel has two bad MOSFETS and several damaged diodes and capacitors. Again - I threw in the towel. I will get around to fixing them sometime soon but for now I want to know the modern equivalent for the RM-1/RM-2 and possibly the D-75 amplifier even though a current D-75B is available. The amplifier was a glaring deficiency in my system.

It will be paired with my Musical Design CD-1 and MD DAC as well as a pair of my beloved Dunlavy SC-1's. I use NXG BLUE interconnects (I know - but they sound as good as my Nordost as 1/4 the price!) and Nordost Red Dawn speaker cable and USA stands.

Anyone know a current equivellent for the RM-1/RM-2 with equal phono-stage and D-75 replacement? I want to keep the quality the same regardless of price. I have been out of the game for some time (as you can tel from my set-up) so I would not know. The RM-1/RM-2 is the best preamp I have heard and I am disappointed the pre was damaged and not easily repairable. I am concerned all the point-to-point wiring I did can increase the resistance and noise pick-up in the PS leading the coloration of the preamp itself.

Thank you in advance - Darren
Hi -Darren,
This wonderful preamp, designed by Roger Modjieski was badmouthed by Harry Person of TAS, who preferred the Audio Research SP-9 and sales dropped sharply after that, one of the reason that the old Beveridge Company went backrupt, if I recall right. I listened to both preamps at the time and preferred the Beveridges with my Quads 63s. The Sp9 is very good and I would suggest that as a replacement. These preamps can still be found. I loved my AR D-75, as a replacement I would suggest the 60 watt Atmaspere monos. They are OTLs however Ralph Karsten's designs are safe.
Thank you for the response - I do, however, need current products as I need to replace the items with new items.

I agree on the 60-watt mono-blocks. Great company with excellent sound.
Ddt_jmt, since there is no direct replacement for the Beveridge preamp, I would look for a tube preamp with a very good phono stage built in, the cost of which the insurance company wouldn't balk at. I see your point about it beating the SP-9; better units not relying on exotic tubes can be found.

As for amplifiers I don't recall whether John Hillig is still in business but imagine if you were to contact him he might be able to help...he's a nice guy. The Dunlavys can work well with tubes, however...
Music REference RM 4+? Roger is still around and making some great products.
Do you want to sell the RM-1 if so what price?
The preamp and amplifier were not repairable as the quote came in today. It looks as though a replacement set is required.

Here are the two systems given as a quote - BAT VK32SE with phono stage (no remote as the RM-1/RM-2 did not have a remote and I will not pay $500 for the BAT remote - please!) and VK55SE.

The second system is a Aesthitix Callisto Mk II with phono preamp and MD D-75SE amplifier. The first system is nice but the preamp in the second is all-out sick. Thoughts?

Maybe I will buy a bit lower-end amplifier/preamp and go with better cable, vinyl set-up and speakers. My new Magnepan's are on there way but a sealed reference speaker would better suite my room. At least I have choices now and not a damaged preamp, amplifier and interconnects.

Thank yo to all who replied and offered help. I can still use plenty of help.

What would someone suggest for $5000 (ampliier/preamp/cables) as I have a transport and a turn table.

Why not take a look at his:
When after a long hiatus, forced upon me by bad fortune, I slowly got back into this hobby, I bought one from the same source, drove it with Quad 63s and was very happy. I tube rolled a bit with Mullards, which I had still hidden in the attic. For the money this was very good, with dynamics galore. This would leave you enough dough for some good cables. Just a thought. It has a remote though...(;
Thank you for the suggestion! I have always liked that company and for under $3k! That is silly cheap for what it is based on what I have read. I must say that is ONE UGLY integrated! That is a personal preference and NOT a reflection on anyone who likes the looks. I am an odd duck when it comes to aesthetics so there you so. That would drive my Magnepan MMG's well (and then the 1.6's when they get here) and the sub-out if KEY as that allow for a bypass of the sub cross-over and those pesky filters I see for Magnepan spekares when used with a sub.

Can you tell me a good phono-stage preamp? I was thinking the Project tube preamp at $700 with different tubes and some Kimber cable.

Anyway - I cannot thank everyone enough for the e-mails and suggestions. This is overwhelming - almost like buying your first car only with more choices! I would say it is mlike buying a computer for the first time but I use a Mac, I turn it on and it works, every time. Not many choices with Mac other than how much or how much MORE you would like to spend as there is no cheap Mac.

Thanks again - D
Do you still have the old RM1/RM2. I owned that preamp with Beveridge Model 3 speakers in my early 20s. I would love to by your dead preamp just to sit on my shelf.

Does any one have the schematic of the RM-1 Pre-amp?
If so please let me know !!Thanks a lot!!
I am trying as well for the schematic of the Beveridge RM 1&2. Jeff did you end up finding it?
Anybody out here with it?
I just found yesterday three of the op amps which I think were used in the PS of the RM-1. Should anyone need those in this thread, please drop me a line though A. They are NOS, never used and are marked: M9152 as well as LM12 CLK.
Ain't selling, just giving away. Will be shipped from Europe.