Replacement for MusicMatch

Yahoo disabled the link to the supertagging sight. I have an extensive CD collection ripped as WAV files into MucicMatch. The supertagging feature will add information so MusicMatch has album art, etc. Does anyone have suggestions on what to migrate to? I have just recieved a number of CDs for Chritmas and do not want to manually enter all the information. Also, I am not sure how to add album art.
If you figure out an answer to this I will be happy too. I suppose we could complain to Yahoo, like that will do any good!!! Fortunately I have saved most of my music in itunes and musicmatch. I guess that is sort of an option for you too.
I don't know anything about MusicMatch, so I'm not familiar with what you had. WAV files don't store tagging information inherently, so if MM was something that ties files to metadata (tag info) in a repository that is now no longer available, you're probably out of luck.

Assuming you have your WAV files on a local hard drive under your control, I'd do the following:

1. Convert the WAV files to lossless WMA, or other lossless format that supports tag info.
2. Get a new music "jukebox" for the computer - iTunes, Windows Media Player, or other. My choice is J River MediaCenter, but there are many.
3. Import your converted files into the music jukebox.
4. The jukebox should have functionality to go out and lookup metadata, including cover art, from the internet, as well as to enter it manually as desired.

Then you'd have it all under your own control.
Thanks, yes MM apends the metadata info tho the WAV file... I have been hoping for a simpler solution... but I guess I will have to bite the bullet... have about 2 terabytes of WAV files on MM... so this will be a long process...but thanks will look at J RIver any experience with winamp?
Throughout every year of the webs existence I have seen great web companies purchased and destroyed. MusicMatch is another victim.

Beside eliminating many of it's finest functions; Yahoo has taken one of the best music player's and slowed it's superior playback and development.

MM also had a handle on all loseless formats in the works that has "disappeared". (I was in Beta).

I have yet to be happy with any web take-over and wonder why. Seems that big $ could make any develpoment team even more committed. (I am a developer).

Of course, I assume, the big $ marches in, places their inept management in charge, cuts costs, and the developers don't see any $.
don't forget to check out mediamonkey gold software as it will play FLAC and will do bulk conversions also.
I second MediaMonkey for doing what you want. I was in a similar situation, and converted to MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey understands MusicMatch's tagging of WAV files (which is not universal), and can convert to FLAC which is now my format of choice.