Replacement for Monitor Audio RX6

Looking to upgrade my speakers and asking for suggestions. Moved away from 5.1 and looking for 2 channel only. My set up will be

Monitor Audio RX6 in black gloss
OPPO 105,
Rotel RMB 1075

I mostly listen to CD or streaming music and also require speakers to give wide sound stage as use for movies sometimes.

Any recommendations?

How about PSB Synchrony .

Looking to spend no more than $2500 used. Are the speakers the weakest link or does the power amp need changing?

My room is 15 by 15, wood floors and i prefer a warmer sound.

Thanks for advice in advance
Your current speakers are pretty good. Maybe consider getting a nice active preamp instead.

"Looking to spend no more than $2500 used. Are the speakers the weakest link or does the power amp need changing?"

The weakest link will be determined by your personal taste and how well you match your equipment. Any piece in the system can be the weakest link.

With your current system, is there anything you are trying to fix? Something you're unhappy with? If there is, that will help a lot with recommendations.
You want warm? You should check out the Spendor line.
Morty, I thought the RX6's were a very good speaker. However, if you're sure they are the weakest link and are looking to sell them please let me know. I might be interested depending upon their condition, price and where you are located. Thanks.
Thanks for response do far. I think the MA are a good speaker for the money and i had been not just running with Rotel power amp but a Marantz AV 7005. Overall I like the sound, only downside the MA can play a little on bright side but that's being picky. However as any audioholic always looking to improve. So is it the speakers or new amp I need to get even better sound.

Maybe some ideas around amp or speakers. Also if i do upgrade will it really be much better? Hard where I live to audition anything except at Best Buy lol.

Has anyone heard Sonus Faber Venere 2.5? Love the style but what is sound like. Looking for even more fuller sound, richer base and open sound stage etc

So suggestions if to go speakers or amp? And ideas

Thanks in advance
I don't think its the speakers or the amp that is making you second guess the sound your getting from your system.

It's using a Marantz Pre-Pro as your pre-amp thats your problem as this is the weak link. It was designed for multi-channel sound decoding and processing. The 2 channel pre-amp section in your Marantz, even in pure direct mode, is merely an afterthought by the manufacturer. You said your moving away from multi-channel and going 2 channel only, right? So get a component designed to do 2 channel stereo - get a true stereo pre-amp!

Good luck brother.
Currently I'm not using the Marantz. So my Rotel is connected directly to Oppo utilizing the DAC in the Oppo. So do you think buying a decent pre amp is a better option than new speakers? Any suggestions of pre amp that would work well with Rotel and Oppo? What about a decent integrated?
I agree the MA RX-6 are good speakers and a great value for the money. You may want to move to better amp/pre as suggested or to an integrated amp.

If your looking for a warm sounding speaker consider Focal as well.

Good Luck
Thanks for input. A_Passion not sure if selling but based in Louisiana, there in gloss black and mint condition except one very tiny mark. Otherwise perfect. Thinking however that the amp maybe issue. What suggestions do you have either

1. Pre amp to go with Rotel
2. Sell Rotel and get new/used power amp and pre amp
3. Integrated amp?

Have to go well with Oppo 105 and Monitor Audio. Also correct connections so utilize DAC in Oppo.

Budget and prefer used as get better gear but if integrated or new pre and power amp up to $3000 or if pre amp only up to $2000 ish

Thanks in advance
If you are considering a preamp, consider a new($1495) Onkyo 3000 reference series. Comments have been very positive regarding the entire Onkyo reference series components. I would hold off on new speakers. With the preamp being the strongest link you will have a better idea if your amp/speakers meet your needs. You never mentioned speaker cables/interconnects/power cords. Look into Signal Cable-Silver Resolution series. This will give you a great foundation to consider further upgrades(if desired).
I also think your speakers will reward you for upgrading your amp and preamp. A used Hegel H300 integrated would be close to your price range and would likely provide vast improvements in tonality and overall refinement. Pass Labs may also be worth a look. Best of luck.
"So do you think buying a decent pre amp is a better option than new speakers? Any suggestions of pre amp that would work well with Rotel and Oppo?"

A decent preamp, no. A good preamp, then yes. Some good options (used): Ayre K5, CJ Premier 18, VTL 2.5, BAT 3.
I would opt for a tube based it preamp, intergrated, etc...this will supply some warmth...and older tube like CJ would be an option as well...I have heard many MA speakers and warmth is not an attribute that comes to least to me..they are a former Stereophile B speaker I they can compete with 2k and above speakers

Thanks guys for the input on advice regarding amps etc. I will look at the various options.
I also would spend money on new speakers and amp togheter. Be aware that the new Silver serie is stunning. It is superior to the RX series.

I would suggest listen to the Silver 8 loudspeaker. The extra mid freq unit does the trick. Voices are much more pronounced and palpable. There is a big difference in a 2.5 and a 3 way system of Monitor Audio.

I also think a tube amp is an option.