Replacement for Matrix 803 S2

After a year of listening I decided to replace b&w with something more suitable for rock and metal. Something used and up to 5000$. The listening room is rather small - about 22 square meters and 2.5m high, so the speakers should be not huge)
With that size room, before you change speakers, spend about 1-$2k of your budget at GIK Acoustics. THEN see if you want new speakers.

After that, a satellite/sub system may work out best for you, especially if you have room EQ.

Alternatives of course are high-efficiency pro type gear which you may also like. Some of the mid-small JBL monitors from the late 80s come to mind.



Golden Ear Triton Ones.  I made the plunge and never looked back.  I listen to mostly rock and metal and trust me, they will fit the bill.
Of all possible choices, the GE would probably be more of the same. If you aren't happy with the B&W's  you have, I'd be really surprised if you found the GE significantly different, but let your ears be the only judges.


Take a look at ATC.  Their dynamic capabilities paired with the incredible power and clarity of the midrange do great things for heavy rock music.  Best of luck. 

Hello Alex, I can offer some listening test, but what area are you living ?
 Gregory Belman


Have you ever heard the GE and B&W side by side?  I have and the B&W were bright and forward , where the GE are smooth.  There is a night and day difference.

B&W can be bright and forward but they are not inherently bright or forward. It all depends on the room, equipment and set-up. When looking for speakers I did audition GE and B&W together. I went with the B&Ws but it was not because they were bright or that the GEs were smooth. It was simply because I preferred the overall presentation of the B&Ws over the GEs. I can certainly understand why someone might prefer the GEs over the B&Ws, if the GEs presented the music in a way they appreciated. Both the GEs and the B&Ws are excellent speakers.
@stereo5 Then I must blame the dealer’s setup for the GE. What I heard were ear drills, and I honestly thought the dealer didn’t see me as a serious customer.

I wasn’t there to buy speakers, I was there to audition the NAD M31 or 51? The DAC. Forgot the exact model number. Went with ARC instead, then Mytek.

After listening and reading the reviews however I think part of the problem is the dispersion. Those speakers sounded exactly as the Stereophile FR on-axis response shows. However, at around 30 degrees (kind of a lot) response is much better, which I did not get a chance to audition. This would not be the first case when a speaker’s ideal setup is not communicated to the dealers, or if so, it’s ignored.

However, if looking for a rock/metal speaker, then again, the FR shows it's too flat (and maybe in a bad way). The review doesn't have the two important charts, the in-room far-field measurements or the combined bass output to help fully evaluate this.

As always, we hear differently, and we age and loose hearing differently, so the OP should use only their own ears to gauge.