Replacement for Kimber 8TC cables

I have a set of older Kimber 8TC cables that I'm thinking about replacing.
Any thoughts as to which brands to consider?

Having had 8TCs in my own system in the past i would recommend Auditorium23 a nice upgrade soundwise and a very good value. Around $1k new and they tend to pop up used in the $7-800 range.
I replaced my Kimber 8TCs with a used pair of Wireworld Eclipse 8s and could be happier.  
Why do you want to replace? Are they the weakest link and if so what are you looking to improve?
I am very biased, as all of my cables are Kimber but a few years ago I moved from the 8TCs to Bifocal XL and loved the upgrade. If you don’t need biwiring, the Monocles would be fantastic. I just now upgraded from the Bifocals to their new Carbon 18 XL and am blown away by the detail and bass these cables are showing. Cheers!
For the fun of it try some Canare 4s11 as it very affordable and I think you’ll be surprised how it compares against your 8TC. Even if you don’t like it you’ll lose very little if you sell them off and that’s if you don’t keep them. Out of the shoot they sound real good but put some hours on them and hang on. I’d bet your 8TC is a biwire configuration and if so just order a single run and use jumper wires at the speaker, not the speaker strips.