Replacement for KEF 104/2s

I have a pair of Kef 104/2s, which I have loved for years. However, lately I have been having problems. I have replaced a total of three tweeters and now I think that one of the mids is out. I think that I may have a bad crossover. Kef still has all the parts except the grills. I intend to have it fixed and then sell them. My question is, How much do I have to spend to get a modern equivalant of these speakers? If you have any suggestions on replacements it would be greatly appreciated.

My system is as follows:

Conrad Johnson PV-11 Preamp with Phono
Musical Design D-150B Signature Amp 150 watts per side
Musical Design CD-2 Signature CD player
Denon DP-60L turntable with Denon cartridge.
Kimber and Wireworld speaker cables
Nordost interconnects
Wireword AC power cords

Good question...I have recently tried some Mulidine Allegreto (French)costing 1500 Euros...Not any better...

i am doing the same thing. i have a pair of KEF 104/2 and i have not had a single problem, but want to upgrade. i have auditioned several speakers in my system and for about the same money as the 104's cost back in their day, modern speakers are a big improvment. i just recently tries a pair of B&W 7NT and the imaging and detail blew away my KEFs. the bass was a little less, but tighter. the 104's were a great speaker in their day, but the new stuff is better. the new thiels also outperformed my old KEFs.
The BMW N05 very very good, Martin logan aeon,Totem one,
Norh speakers marble box, they are very good, the 6.9
marble $950. I use to own 104/2 they are very good.
but with all the speakers above, THERE IS NO MATCH.
I sold mine 9 years ago as soon as i heard the logans
quest.If you want to inquire on norh,
i have no relation with norh, its one way of thanking
them for the nice speaker they sold me.
Thanks for everyones help,

I will start looking as soon as I get my 104/2s fixed and sold.

CDM 7NT...just tried those at home a while ago...those are great speakers but quiet different from the 104/2..I much prefer the warmer sound of the 104/2. I found the 7NT a little tiring for long term sessions...I found those speakers really different...Since my electronics tend to be on the bright side, the BW were not a good match...I won't say the KEf are better...I just prefer them...