Replacement for Genesis 200 Carver

After hearing that replacing G200 Carver with Bohlender Graebener RD 48 could improve overall performance of G200, i am tempted to do the same with my G200. I am, however, not sure if i would need to change the crossover to accomodate the new driver or i just need to simply substitute the Carver with BG RD48.
Has anyone out there gone through this process? Report on sonic performance after the change would be highly appreciated.
why don't you call Genesis about having your speakers upgraded to G 201 status the ribbon has been improved over the 200 ribbons?
Thanks for suggestion.
Have checked with the agent here but don't think they have the parts available. Upgrading to 201 status will also require the bass drivers to be changed to the latest genesis drivers which I am reluctant to do at this stage as that will be very costly and all of my bass drivers are still in very good conditions.