Replacement for current speakers suggestions

Greetings! I am 64 years old and started the hi fi journey at 19. I am thinking of replacing my current speakers. I have a pair of Von Shweikert VR 2's driven by a Mcintosh MA 250. Analogue sources are a Clearaudio Emotion Red with a Hana EH cartridge, the second deck is a Technics SL-1200 GR with a Clearaudio Maestro Cartridge. My VR 2's sound outstanding with the Mac however, they are sounding clinical these days. I realise that at 64 with all my health issues hearing changes for the worse. Diabetic for 39 years, Cardiac issues, (massive MI in 95, double bypass in 05) and the latest is stage 4 cancer, no remission possible! I like a warm sound that recreates music in great detail without sounding clinical, not sure if that makes sense! Disability does not pay all that well! The days of affording 3k to 5k are done! Looking at some Wharfdale towers, Maggies and possily Monitor Audio. I want to stay abour or below 2k.I will appreciate your opinions!

Thanks, Bogiedr


Totally disagree with larry5729....Strange how two folks can have such different experiences. I bought a pair od KEF LF50 Meta a few weeks ago. Auditioning them with three different amplifiers....Sound Artist SA200ia, VTA St120 Dynaco Clone and Cambridge Audio 840 AZUR......They are simply fantastic! Current speaker inventory is Magnapan MMG, KEF 103.2, Klipsch RP600m, B&W DM601, JAMO C801, ELAC 6.5/2.0.....Nothing comes close to the LS50. Of course, the LS50s cost upwards of 5X these other speakers. But that aside...Imaging, Sound Stage, Female vocals, dynamic range is simply amazing! Had lots of non-audiophile family home last week and all of them were blown away by these speakers. In my experience, they are truely magical.

I have enjoyed reading this thread. Best wishes with your health problems! I too am 64 years old and have diabetes and numerous cardiac issues. Not sure if my hearing has changed. I still enjoy things that I liked years ago. While I have not owned the Maggie 1.7 i's, I have heard them in several shops. They are among the best speakers that I have heard. One pair was powered by Parasound JC1 mono blocks and the other pair by a 38 W per channel Primaluna integrated amp. The amplifiers could not have been more different yet I enjoyed the presentations equally.

I do  own The new Wharfdale Lintons. I have them in an ancillary system and have found myself listening to them more then some of my main stuff. They are powered by a Will Vincent Dynaco 70. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Definitely allow them to break in for a few days before passing judgment. They list for $1500 with the stands. I got mine from a local brick and mortar called Quest For Sound in Bensalem, PA.

I also own the original KEF LS 50s. I have heard the Metas as well and believe that they are slightly more resolving and dynamic. I love my pair, but if you have the room the Wharfedales are certainly more of a full range speaker.

Magnepan .7s. One of the most musical and non-fatiguing speakers on the planet. 

@bogiedr1 ... sorry you face such serious health concerns.

From your descriptions, our sonic preferences are quite close. If it were me, I’d go out and find a gently used pair of Vandersteen 3A. All the Vandy models are musical to a fault, in my experience.

Here’s a listing of some used ones: