Replacement for current speakers suggestions

Greetings! I am 64 years old and started the hi fi journey at 19. I am thinking of replacing my current speakers. I have a pair of Von Shweikert VR 2's driven by a Mcintosh MA 250. Analogue sources are a Clearaudio Emotion Red with a Hana EH cartridge, the second deck is a Technics SL-1200 GR with a Clearaudio Maestro Cartridge. My VR 2's sound outstanding with the Mac however, they are sounding clinical these days. I realise that at 64 with all my health issues hearing changes for the worse. Diabetic for 39 years, Cardiac issues, (massive MI in 95, double bypass in 05) and the latest is stage 4 cancer, no remission possible! I like a warm sound that recreates music in great detail without sounding clinical, not sure if that makes sense! Disability does not pay all that well! The days of affording 3k to 5k are done! Looking at some Wharfdale towers, Maggies and possily Monitor Audio. I want to stay abour or below 2k.I will appreciate your opinions!

Thanks, Bogiedr


"I like a warm sound that recreates music in great detail without sounding clinical"..
 Not how I would describe any Monitor Audio I've ever heard(RS & RX series),never impressed with the Wharfedale's I owned(Pacific)or demo'd & Maggies should be pretty much neutral though lacking visceral bass.
 If I were you I would first look at Dali with silk dome tweeters & wood pulp mid/bass drivers which are IMO,warm & detailed or Dynaudio,a touch less warm giving a VERY slightly more resolving voice & sweet tweets...

Sonus Faber, the floor standers w leather would be great. Also, as a 40 year Type 1... i can somewhat relate - Bless you man and i shall pray for a miracle - they do happen. I would love you send you an LP care package, pls send a genre preference and contact. Tammy in support can facilitate exchange of contact info if the system purges it.

Best to you


Second time this weekend. It's not your speakers. They didn't change. It's your ears that changed. Pretty normal to develop this kind of sensitivity with age. Started happening to me a few years ago.

A lot of the problem is ringing that is the result of component vibration and can be easily eliminated and tuned out with springs. I would get a set of Nobsound springs.  You can start with one of your turntables, or the amp, doesn't really matter they work about equally well under everything. 

The great thing about springs, they will not only improve detail, but Nobsound will allow you to tune your system to be a lot warmer without giving up much if any detail. You may well notice more detail even while making it much warmer.

This works because the way springs work, as the load changes the resonant character of the springs changes. When loaded enough to compress about half way they are very neutral, with a great top and bottom end and wonderful midrange. Remove a few springs so they compress more and they shift to a warmer sound with fuller bass and a smoother top end. 

At $30/set of 4 these are easily the best you can do for the money. They also come in an acrylic or plastic version that is slightly warmer than the normal aluminum version. Also you will have left over springs, which if you have a 1/4" drill bit you can make into extra footers. These will even work under your speakers. Highly recommended.

Enough with the springs MC!  Another chapter in the Flat Earth Science textbook!

Vandersteen C2e with tweeter controls. 



+1 on the springs. Look at it this way $80 (2 sets), though you may find 3 under each sounds better; they do under my components



Right. Most components need only 3-4 springs each. This leaves 3-4 springs left over, enough to make another set. The springs fit perfectly in a 1/4" hole. So all it takes is a 1/4" drill bit and you can do 2 components for $30. 

Easily the bargain tweak of all time (so far!).

Hey Jason have you ever even tried the springs?


re "Diabetic for 39 years, Cardiac issues, (massive MI in 95, double bypass in 05) and the latest is stage 4 cancer, no remission possible!"

Godspeed man, and I salute you for a positive attitude and not quitting. I wish you the best.


$30 fix is worth a try.  If that doesn't work out try a pair of 

JM Reynaud's.  They are very engaging, the Twins, discontinued and their least expensive, do get a little congested.  


bogiedr1, may God bless you. 

Thank you to the well wishers, tough battle but music always helps a great deal! CM I appreciate your recommendation, thank you, I do not appreciate that you came across like my grandpa yelling to me for having a zip of his scotch at age 7. I must point out that the first thing in my post is my recognition of my hearing changing. I must also point out I don't care how many times you have have said that the springs you are pushing work since it is my first post of any significance so I have not seen that answer. I am new here so with all due respect, and we are the same age, please do not respond to my postings anymore, I did not come here to get scolded. I have limited time on this good earth and just want to enjoy as much music as I can, not enough time for tweeks, can you understand that? Thank you sir. To recommendations of Dali,Dynaudio great suggestions. I will seek local dealers for a listen.


By the way I had to reregister, somehow AG is not recognizing my credentials, so I am now Bogiedr2

I believe your only option is the small Maggies (can't remember what they are called) Best value ever under $2000 but you might have to find a used sub to keep under $2000. I also l liked Sonus Faber Chameleons but not as much as the Maggies.

The tower is above your price but the monitors are in the ballpark. 

Philharmonic BMR

Bogiedr1- you have good equipment. If you want more warmth, have you thought about adding a subwoofer or 2?

As for your comment about MC, nobody takes his posts and advice seriously. In this post, MC recommended x number of springs, then after somebody suggested more, then MC increased the # needed. Maybe 10 springs would be better? Maybe 12? Why this is misinformation, any isolation product for a speaker has to be designed for the weight of each speaker. If you put a spring that's rated for a 20 lb speaker under a 200 lb speaker, the spring will be fully compressed and will not be beneficial. Same goes for any number of isolation products, make sure you purchase 1 that can handle the weight of the component

I don't believe springs are any good at decoupling. My choice is IsoAcoustics, although I also like the SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System.

I think MC made the suggestion in good faith. When he is writing about audio, I listen to him closely. I second Magnepan 1.7's for what you describe. That tube amp you have will likely have enough oomph to drive them to pleasurable levels. I am 64 also, and wish you the best.

I feel for you my friend. I'm a bit younger but went through quad bypass a few years ago. I'm very lucky for sure. I think the Wharfdale's may be up your alley. I haven't heard them but the Lintons are getting great reviews with the attributes you seem to be seeking. They are large monitors that sit on short stands for like $1,500 or so. Crutchfield has these with free shipping plus something like 30 or 60 return policy so you can try at home. Dyns may also be something to consider. Wishing you all the best and whatever you select I hope it brings you happiness. Stay positive.

Maybe try the Sf. Warm and rich especially so with your M'tosh amp.  And in my opinion they are the best looking speakers if that means anything.  God bless. 

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At 68 I seem to fit this question and profile. I have my hearing checked regularly for my job, it is still excellent with a little loss in the +15k region.  However your hearing does change and perhaps your preferences in music and sound. I now play a small amount of jazz, I never did before. This makes me look for other attributes in my system, low level detail and imaging, for instance. Also all equipment is subject to aging, I had a pair of Royd Doublets for nearly 20 years and they changed markedly in that time. Newer speakers really showed their intrinsic issues and their age. Mac tube amps never sounded anything but warm to me, rather too warm I think. I doubt you will beat your current speakers for the price you are quoting but who knows. At your price range there are good but not great speakers. Maggies are great, if you like them, I don't, and if they suit your room, they don't?  Have you tried bi amping, your speakers can accommodate this, I assume. I had success with this using my Naim integrated and an external power amp, a LInn which was closely matched. This pairing improved bass weight and dynamics quite markedly.

Ok I've been through







What I suggest is and "no laughing "is a pair of 

Elac 2.0/6.2 -87dBSLP and 6 ohms

they are fantastic for the price and for any price!

Also I have a pair of Epos Epic 2

4 ohm and 92dBSPL-

these two are unreal -excellent bass- but not bright!

I have it powered by a Peachtree Nova 150

all the above under $2k! Zero listening fatigue!

It's does not sound better or worse than my stereo gear from Boulder, McIntosh,

Quad , 

unfortunately, chemotherapy, diabetes , age etc does not go well with the human hearing mechanism. You probably have a high frequency s/n hearing loss and 

with that goes hypersensitivity to loudness.

Try the combo I suggest-I wish I tried all of that years ago!

Also, the support from Peachtree is superb!

Wish you the very best and keep listening!


Arch2, my cardiac brother, my bypass was at age 45, kudos to you! Keep hanging tough and everyone else, I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you Jallan2 and everyone for great recommendations. My local dealer in Dunedin Fla, (sweet home audio) sold me the vr2's 17 years ago, maybe 18. He is a Maggie and Wharfdale dealer. I will start there. The sub is a good idea. I have a hsu sub in my home theater that is almost never used, I will hook it up and see what happens although the vr2's pump out outstanding bass. Great recommendations, I will now settle back in my vintage system room, my wife named it the jazz lounge, and listen to a little Dexter Gordon with a good Hibiki Toki on the rocks! Thank you audio brothers. Will let you know what happens. Cheers. 

Best wishes to you and good luck on your audio journey.

Kudos for taking MC to task for his condescending manner.

My wife did retail for 40 years and she no longer "does rude nicely." I just sit back and applaud. 

Maggie LRS - $650. Received them about 4 weeks ago. Imaging is amazing but was a little disappointed at first that they didn't sound good at higher volume - about 75 db. Too much distortion. Running them with a stock Dynaco ST 70. Had family over this weekend and ran them much harder with rock and jazz for 4 hours or so. Everyone liked them but I still thought there was too much distortion. But, listened to them last night and tonight - the weekend really seems to have helped. They sound much better now at high volume. I anticipate that they will only improve with more time as they break in. I'm extremely impressed. Only issue is that you can't get them immediately - ordered them from Magnepan in February and it took 8 months to get them. But we'll worth the wait. And, I'm also a 68 year old - with mild tinnitus/hearing loss. If you don't want to wait for delivery, I wouldn't hesitate getting the Maggie 1.7's. I listened to them last week at a local dealer - exactly the same as the LRS, but on steroids - definitely better bass. Though I'm ok with the LRS. 

Moms battling cancer for the second time now.  I wish you the best.  I've been through a ton of speakers and am currently using Magnepan LRS's.


My advice, hget a pair of 1.7i's used for around $2k and any decent sealed 10" or 12" sub.  If you dont love the Maggies, sell them for the same $ you bought thrm for and then look at some other speakers (dynaudio would not be a bad choice).


But honestly, if you've never had Magnepans, try a pair.  They are the fastest speaker I have ever owned as well as being incredibly open / clear / transparent.  The large, wall of sound is enveloping and engaging.  They are really pretty cool speakers.

Hello my fellow audio enthusiast,  l`ll be praying for you praying that GOD will turn things around for you in JESUS NAME this I`m doing as I post.  GOD is still in the HEALING bussiness.  I am 75yrs. old with a mild loss of hearing, Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidneys only oprating at 46% since 2001 when I exercise in which I cut grass I don`t use riding machines I walk the lawns regardless of how large.  Here in Fla. grass cutting is all year round an eat properly it all ( the diseases) goes away Prayer and doing my part is the key of staying healthy.  The Maggies would be one of the best decisons you`ve ever made in your life time;  I`ve own the bigger Maggies for years I`m still listening to my 3.6`s l`ve wanted to move on to the newer Maggies How ever, I`ve been told by owners of the 3.7`s & 3.7i`s they wish they had kept there 3.6`s. If you have the room you can fine a nice pair of 3.6`s for 1800. my friend if you purchase you are in for an unbelivable perfomance of audio music reproduction of excellance 🎵providing your electronics are good performers. I`ve owed a Dyna 70 not enough power for the big maggies, keep in mind if you go with the larger maggies they need power to perform atlease a 400 wpc. power amp.  I also use 2 Velodyne HGS 12" subs I don`t believe your HSU sub would be fast enough to keep up with the 3.6`s possible with the 1.7i`s not for sure. Brian at (Sweet Home Audio) would aboslutely know nice guy to talk to not a pressure sales person right? Oh  by the way I live in Riverview, Fla just outside of Tampa.  OP I also power my Maggies with Pass Labs XP30 Preamp Pass Labs X350 Power amp.  l`m now in the process of bi-amping using another Pass Amp the X350.5 along with the X350. a Marchand X44 Xover or an Pass Labs Firt Watt B4 Xover if I can fine one.  The Pass Labs. X350.5 I intend to use on the top Highs & Mid range the Pass Labs. X350 on the lower end Bass. Continue to allow Brian to help you make good practical choices to improve your musical journey. Remember GOD is still in the HEALING business.  Live right fast and pray🙏 watch him( the LORD)work in your behalf. Best regards,Martin

Go with the wharfedale Lintons! I've never seen more positive reviews for one component ever, and I've read tons of reviews....seemingly they are terrific speakers for the money. Plus, they come with very nice looking stands to boot...

As Maggie owner I would recommend  a pair of 1.7i, if you can find them used you'll have enough to add a sub i think you'll get exactly what you're looking for. 

The best with the health issues and enjoy the music.


In 40 years of selling, buying and listening to this stuff, only three speakers, under $2000 have totally captivated me.....Dahlquest DQ10, Magnapans and just recently KEF LS50 Meta......The hundreds , if not thousands of other speakers I've had the privilage of living with or listening to pale in comparison....My recent purchase of LS50 Meta are yet another amazing, mind boggling, speaker!  

First - my sincerest well wishes to you Bogiedr. But I struggle to see how MC was trying to be anything but helpful, and i can't understand the vitriol he regularly receives. Yes he can be provocative at times but that's a good thing. This forum by and large tries to find ways to take issue with him, and in the rare occurrence when a comment might sting, it usually stings because it's true, not because it's false. Most of us in this forum have been successful enough to afford this hobby, and i would contend that none of us were thin-skinned in the environments that enabled us to afford this hobby.

KEF ls50 metas were the biggest disappointment I've ever had - got sucked in by the reviews and trust the brand; I have a wonderful pair of (late 60's?) KEF Concord (I think but the fronts are different) a pair of Celeste mkIIs (still an adequate speaker) and a couple of pairs of Quad ESL57s as well as countless modern B & W (705s and others) and Mission stuff.

To be fair it may be the unusual placement (on a plinth in the middle of the room alongside said Concords) and they may be happier with the usual stands on the floor but I got them to replace my vintage beauties. I thought they would be crystal clear, image well and sound 'fast' at the expense of some warmth but they sound on the flat side of neutral- just dull


How can springs noticably change sound?  Does an amplifier jump around when being played?  Please explain this.  The more I listen to some of these discussions I am convinced many in this hobby are obscessive compulsive.  Not trying to put people down, but to someone new to this hobby some of this makes no sense.  

As far as the speakers are concerned, I would never consider Monitor Audio.  They are very harsh and bright sounding for my ears.  The Paradigm Persona 3's sound quite good.  Perhaps you might listen to a pair of Vienna Accoustics.  They are very warm sounding with their soft dome.  However, I like to hear more detail in the highs such as cymbals when playing jazz.  However, someone who primarily listens to classical music would just love them. They are warm sounding, but they are very bassy.  As we age, I have been told many of us lose hearing in the higher frequencies.  Perhaps, this is why Berrylium tweeters have gained popularity.

I just upgraded my speaker wires and purchased an expensive power cable and they do sound more spacious and they reveal more detail.  At first they sounded harsh during the first 4 hours.  The sales person is now trying to sell me a power cord and a digital cable for my BlueSound for $1,050.  I paid $500 for my BlueSound Node 2i.  He swears this will totally upgrade sound quality because it is treating the source.  You can't tell me it costs more to manufacture two wires as compared to the BlueSound.  I have my BlueSound connected using two RCA"s.  He said if I connect using digital cable it will reveal an enormous amount ot detail and space and it will allow my ARCAM DAC, which is better than the DAC in the Bluesound.  I wonder what others in this group think about this.

Interesting discussion thus far.

It’s tough to beat the Maggie 1.7i for the money, however, to do them justice, they have to be AT LEAST 3 feet out from the front wall. 4 to 5 feet is much better, unless you have some diffusion behind them. Also, they don’t have much bass impact, so for me, a sub is a must. I tried keeping them 2 feet from the front wall and experimented with all sorts of positioning (toe in/no toe in, spacing between them, tweeters in/tweeters out) and nothing worked well untill I pulled them 4 feet out into the room. I don’t have diffusion behind them, so that may have helped with them closer to the wall, as I was told by the dealer.  Due to the sound coming out of the rear of the planers, you run into phase cancellation problems when that sound bounces back off of the wall. 

I’m not familiar with your amp, but I wouldn’t go with anything less that 150 watts at 4 Ohms. They require lots of high current power to really sing. I’m using a PS Audio BHK amp which runs at 500 watts into 4 Ohms. Even with that power, I find the bass lacking without my two REL subs.

With that being said, when positioned properly and feeding them with the required amount of power, they can sound spectacular.  I've not heard a speaker under $5000 that comes close.   

I have the Monitor Audio 500 speakers. The sound is very accurate and lush. You won't need a sub. with these. I got an open box deal from Safe and Sound for $2100 a pair. I am also using a KT88 tube amp that I paid $2000 for and drives the MA 500's at 30 watts.

The Maggies may be picky about the listening position.

Good luck and take it a day at a time.

Thanks everyone for the responses, very helpful and your warm welcome is awesome! Sheridanmartin hello neighbor, I am in Carrollwood, Tampa. I will be visiting Brian probably Friday. You are right, after 18 years of doing business with him he's never steered me wrong. I am proud to call him a friend. I will be auditioning the 1.7's and Linton's, closely priced.

I did listen to Monitor Audio's today and the tweeter was excellent! The low end powerful but, after five minutes the sound hurt my ears, loose and almost rattling. The mid was confusing, not very clear, I was a bit surprised. After listening to my Schweikert's for 18 years and my vintage system's Polk Audio SDA 2B monitors I am spoiled by great sound. The Schweikert's sounded absolutely stunning today Listened to Dizzy Gillespie, Eddy Gomes, Dexter Gordon and Gentle Giant, great sound. I think they feel me looking so they will behave.

PJB, I understand your statement but as retired Operations Manager for 38 years, career cut short due to health issues, I learned early to be understanding of what folks wanted or needed. The venom is because in my first impression he comes across as a pseudo intellectual. There are nicer ways to communicate and I for one do not tolerate condescending statements, we all are here because we love music. Good equipment is the vehicle delivering good sounds so we can hear the music, not the system! Enough talk about MC, I am sure a he is a very nice person, approach me in a different tone and we are good!

Enough for tonight. Thanks you for all the great input and well wishes, I feel very welcomed here. I will post after my next audition until then, Cheers! Time to listen to my vintage beautiful vintage system!

Recently heard founder Paradigm floorstanders-$5k. Maybe their standmounts are cheaper. Also heard small Dali ?? at $800 each and was amazed. Good luck.

My speakers are on wheels!

Hello Bogiedr2  Great hearing back from you like to know how the 1.7i audition went I am not a box speaker man don`t 


want to listed to one it could be Magico, Wilson`s Dali, Kef LS50`s Wharfendale Linton`s etc.etc.  I don`t care would`nt waste my time.  Listen Bogie I don`t know if you`ve every been to a concert hall with great acoustics sat 7th row back center seating and really listen if you have`nt go to a good concert hall clean natural music know rock concerts nice listening none destorted music then go home and listen to your BOX speaker I would ask you after you have listen do you think the sound of the concert hall sound as if was coming from a box speaker?   I am positive your aswser would be hell to the NO.   The concert hall sound its omnidirectional like the design of the Maggies not even the copies like Martin Logan`s come as close as the Maggies.  So before you make the drastic mistake of buying a box speaker I would immediately go see Brian for a pair of the 3 series Maggies if you don`t have the room for 3 series then I would go for the 1,7i`s I sincerely hope you do.  Bogie when I arive home from the concert hall and began to listen to the best speaker I`ve ever heard under $15,000 USD sit in my sweet spot close my eye`s sounds like I`m in a minnie concert hall; In fact when I get the $$$ I`ll be looking for the Maggie 20.7`s in which I don`t think I have the room for them to radiate if I don`t when I get the $$$ I will build a audio room, a add on to my home 35x35x12ft.ceiling to accomadate them that`s how much I love maggies I would go to that extreme. I`ll give Brian a call and tell him to give you my tellephone number I rather not do it over the internet those smart scientific hackers are a pain in butt I beleive and also others beleive that use this furum think they`ve hack this website.  Maybe at some time we can get together after you hear the big Maggies you may want to add on to your property😄 Best regards, Martin

Hi Martin! My wife and I have listened to Tony Bennet, the late B.B. King, Alan Parsons, Pat Metheny and others at Ruth Eckert Hall! Also istened to Pat Metheny and the Lincoln Jazz Center at the Tampa Theater. We also lietened to Trombone Shorty outdoors in St. Petersburg. Due to covid and my cancer, we avoid crowds these days! We do love live music, I have listened to too many artists to name, but a few are, Bruce Springsteen in St. Pete in 1978, Gino Vanelly in 79, gosh, too many to name! Iwill visitt Brian tomorrow and see if I have enough room for the 1.7's. I will also listen to the Linton's. I have been a Maggie fan forever, but never had the room. By the way, the Shweikerts sounded awesome today. I told them I was shopping and they seem to get their act together real quick!! Let you know what I do. Thank you my friend, I'll make sure to get your number from Brian, will call you to chat as soon as I feel ok. Thanks for you reccomendations!

Cheers, Bogiedr2

Hello Bodie,  Hope all is well talk to Brian today 11/18/21 10:am he`has my number. All except for Bruce & Gino I do have in my collection. l hav`nt listen to Bruce since the mid 70`s I must say you have attended more concerts than I have in the last 10yrs. my concert hall as been my church an my living room😄I`m Pentecostal Church Of GOD in Christ largest african american pentecostal movement in America  we are known for great music quite a few recording artist and professioal athletes are members of the grand old C.O.G.I.C. I made a drastic change in my life style 25yrs. ago mainly the reason for certain types of music is know longer my intrest.  However, Im still in love with Jazz, Latin Jazz smooth Jazz Pat Matheny, the grand old opera Bach, Leontyne Price, Beethhoven, country,(Wille Nelson) (Chris Stapleton) also Celtic Folk music, Arabic, Gospel,some R&B not all Love Big Band the old greats Basie,Duke, Ray Chales, Buddy Rich Of course I`m an X drummer🙏😄 Started somewhere between 8-10yrs.old in the church yes I`m a prechers kid played in the Marine Corps my whole tour of duty 1965-72 music has intrigued me all of my life playing or siting in the sweet spot; my first piece of gear 1957 I was 11yrs. old was a Zenith console Hifi😂.  Alright Bogie there`s know excuse you know there is know box speaker that I know of  capable of delivering that concert hall atmosphere looking forward to hear you got a apair of 1.7i`s you owe to you self. Best regards, Martin

Thank you Martin! Wow you have an amzing story and it is awesome. I want tocheck out the Maggies and determine if they fit our living room which is where we listen. I also need to see if I have the budget for them. I will call you probably next week and let you what happens. By the way, I have been a Maggie fan since the days of Audio Visions South in Tampa, Let's see how I can make it work. Chat soon.

I was looking for a very similar solution: warm sound, rich imaging, pure fun, under 2K, ended up with Dynauiod Evoke 20s. After demoing 10+ speakers in this price range, it blew away all brands.

for $1600, open box from


GR Research Encore XLS! Best Speaker for $1200. Will hold their own against the big boys.. As long you run them with sub woofers! 

Totally disagree with larry5729....Strange how two folks can have such different experiences. I bought a pair od KEF LF50 Meta a few weeks ago. Auditioning them with three different amplifiers....Sound Artist SA200ia, VTA St120 Dynaco Clone and Cambridge Audio 840 AZUR......They are simply fantastic! Current speaker inventory is Magnapan MMG, KEF 103.2, Klipsch RP600m, B&W DM601, JAMO C801, ELAC 6.5/2.0.....Nothing comes close to the LS50. Of course, the LS50s cost upwards of 5X these other speakers. But that aside...Imaging, Sound Stage, Female vocals, dynamic range is simply amazing! Had lots of non-audiophile family home last week and all of them were blown away by these speakers. In my experience, they are truely magical.

I have enjoyed reading this thread. Best wishes with your health problems! I too am 64 years old and have diabetes and numerous cardiac issues. Not sure if my hearing has changed. I still enjoy things that I liked years ago. While I have not owned the Maggie 1.7 i's, I have heard them in several shops. They are among the best speakers that I have heard. One pair was powered by Parasound JC1 mono blocks and the other pair by a 38 W per channel Primaluna integrated amp. The amplifiers could not have been more different yet I enjoyed the presentations equally.

I do  own The new Wharfdale Lintons. I have them in an ancillary system and have found myself listening to them more then some of my main stuff. They are powered by a Will Vincent Dynaco 70. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Definitely allow them to break in for a few days before passing judgment. They list for $1500 with the stands. I got mine from a local brick and mortar called Quest For Sound in Bensalem, PA.

I also own the original KEF LS 50s. I have heard the Metas as well and believe that they are slightly more resolving and dynamic. I love my pair, but if you have the room the Wharfedales are certainly more of a full range speaker.

Magnepan .7s. One of the most musical and non-fatiguing speakers on the planet. 

@bogiedr1 ... sorry you face such serious health concerns.

From your descriptions, our sonic preferences are quite close. If it were me, I’d go out and find a gently used pair of Vandersteen 3A. All the Vandy models are musical to a fault, in my experience.

Here’s a listing of some used ones:

I’ve always loved the Monitor Audio sound, a very musical speaker. From first hearing Silvers and Golds back in 01, even the low budget Bronze series. I finally pulled the trigger on a pr of Monitor Audio Platinum PL300II over a year ago and couldn’t be happier. I was fortunate to get mine in Santos rosewood, and love the true beauty and build of these speakers. The sound quality speaks for itself with either tubes or ss.