Replacement for CJ MF2200

My CJ MF2200 just got toasted... 

I have been happy with my system so haven't been really following 'what's new' in the market for almost 20 years.

I would greatly appreciate your inputs and recommendations for a new/used amp.  I listen to all types of music and prefer sweet, smooth sound with big sound stage.

I currently have CJ PV-10BL preamp and ML Aerius i which I'm very happy with.

Thank you in advance for your inputs.
The MF2200 has a strong Conrad Johnson sound signature. I think you might want to try some amps out before you make your selection. 
how do you toast a well built mf2200? ugh

get a pass labs or first watt model of the correct power rating for your needs... superbly smooth solid state - another choice would be a hegel h20 - some may also recommend an ayre but they sound best running balanced... a cj user is single ended...
I owned the mf2250 which I believe was the model that followed the mf2200.
Amps that replaced my 2250 that i feel were better performers and fit your description include the Pass XA30.5 and Jeff Rowland Model 2.
An SMC upgraded Mccormack DNA 1.0 might be worth seeking out as well.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

I'm also debating whether I should get a brand new amp like Parasound A21+/A23+ or used ones.  Most of the highly rated used ones I see in on-line marketplace are 20+ years old and just not sure how reliable they would be.  Your thoughts?
Depends on where your priorities are. I always look for value, and usually find that in pre-owned gear. But, it does come with more risk. You're safer with brands that still offer support like those I mentioned, or with something like a McIntosh which are reliable and still serviced by outfits like AudioClassics. In fact, for the $1500-3000 you could spend on the Parasound units, I would be looking at the list of amps on the AudioClassics site. But that's just me. Everyone has their own priorities.
I replaced mine with an MF2500A. Then replaced it with tubed amp and never looked back. But my speakers are 93.5db efficient. I’d say you will need min 60wpc for your speakers. Bob Latino sells an ST 120 w/ 60wpc for around $1800. It depends on your budget. I bought the ST 70 just to dabble in tubes. It replaced the 2500 Then kept it for 10 yrs. but i’m not much of n audiophile cause I don’t chase after utopia if I’m satisfied. You seem to be quite similar

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