Replacement for Audiquest Diamondback Interconnect

I would be grateful for a recommendation to replace an Audioquest Diamondback interconnect that is warmer. The Diamondback was too revealing on my system. It made brass instruments intolerable even after breaking in the cable. My system: JM Labs Daline 3.1, Jolida 5T pre-amp, Adcom GFA-545 II amp, Moon 100 D dac with Airport Express, Audioquest CV-8 speaker cable, Audioquest "Blue Racer" (from Audio Advisor - I think similar to Copperhead) interconnect between DAC and preamp. I had been using a Monster cable interconnect and the Diamondback was a recommended upgrade. I would be grateful for any suggestions for an interconnect that will not reveal the harshness of my system. Thanks very much.
Not trying to be funny, but before you blame the interconnect for the harsh sound, think about the Adcom. If you want to stay with the Adcom, in my experience, Cardas cables are full sounding, and not at all harsh.
I agree with the above comment on the Adcom. If you like the CV-8, I would check out getting two pair of whatever IC that AQ considered to be the equivalent of the CV-8.
Indeed the Adcom should be upgraded. A quick band aid solution which is not cheap, is to use Cardas Golden anything interconnects.
There is something about that Cardas Copper or geometry that really helps mellow the sound without losing detailed information. IF you can't get the Golden Refs for instance, try some other Cardas Golden Q geometry cables but avoid the neutral refs, or the clears. You want the warmth that Cardas can sometimes give a system's overall sound.
Or buy a good tube power or integrated amp. The value these days is in Cayin or Prima Luna. Buy used if possible to make it affordable.