Replacement for Aragon 4004MKII

My electronics for 11 years has been Conrad Johnson PV-8 and Aragon 4004MKII which are both boxed and in a closet I have had the CJ modified twice with acceptable results. I need suggestions to replace the Aragon amp which is more power than I need and too big to move around. I also would like to get something much better sounding which has 75-100RMS. I would seriously consider a tube power amp which will match up with the Conrad Johnson PV-8. My, current speakers, Vandersteen 1C (which are driven by a Musical Fidelity X-150 integrated amp; other pieces are Sonographe CD and VPI JR TT with the older Blue Point Special cartridge) are only temporary and were part of a downsizing project that has generally failed to deliver the type of sound I want. I am currently looking for new speakers, and want to bring the system to another level without necessarily dropping a ton of money. I have heard Gallo Refernece 3's and Totem Hawks, and have only read about Zu Cable's Druid MK4's. Audio Physic speakers are great but overpriced and generally out of my price range. So, I am open to all suggestions, even speakers.
i would pair your pre with a cj solid state.....not quite as lush as their tube amp, but a a more neutral and powerful unit. their will be synergy with your cd player also.