Replacement for adcom 535II?

Howdy all. Anyone have some experience that can stear me towards a successful mix, now that I have to replace the Adcom 535 that served me so well for 20+ years?

What I've got, working backwards: PSB Silvers, an Adcom 535 that now hums on the left channel, Adcom preamp tuner (whatever might have matched the 535 amp at the time), marantz cd.

I dearly loved the total sound that I was getting and I'd like to keep it similar, but I'm guessing 535's are just getting too old and failing. It sounds like maybe Rotel might be a good bet? I can only pony up $300 max.
If you can only afford $300, get the Adcom repaired. Getting a Rotel is a sideways move.
I had a B&K ST-120, the older series, a while back that began humming. I replaced the power supply filter caps for about $40 and no more hum. I think I got lucky there. Might be worth a try.
Very nice for the money (and this one is at a good price). disclaimer: I know not this seller.

Another one would be a B&K ST1400II if you can find one used.

As recommended, repairing the Adcom may be a good option. Also, if you like the Adcom, maybe stay with Adcom and move up the line? You could sell yours as is for repair, buy a used model and probably come out for less than repairing your 535.
Was wondering what you ended up doing with your adcom amp.Just blew right channel in my 22 yr old 535 and need to replace it.I loved that amp what a great product! Drove my Mirage OM9's just fine would like to add a bit more power though.