Replacement for a Jolida JD 9

i'm looking to change up my system and possibly lose the JD 9 i've had for ever.  i'm wondering if i'm coloring the sound too much with the tubes in the JD 9 and my Decware Torii all tube integrated.  thinking something simple and solid state.  i am using a dynavector 10x5 pickup.  i love it with the jolida but it doesnt have that sweet spot.  either its got too much gain or not enough.  if i cant find something to replace it, its not the end of the world but i'm just seeing whats out there.  any recommendations?  i was thinking something like the Schiit Mani...
I would stay with a tube phono. But if you want to go the solid state route there is a Sutherland Insight listed here for $950. You can give that one a shot!
BTW, The Sutherland has adjustable gain settings to match your cartridge!
I have a JD9 and really like it, but it does take some adjusting to get the best sound from it. Use the chart below to set the switches to the settings you like. It is worth the effort. Also you might try different types of 12AX7 tubes.

Also, there is an Official JD-9 Thread over at AudioKarma.