Replacement Feet For Rega Planar 3

I am interested in hearing from some of you that have replaced the stock Rega feet with something else. I know there are those that say leave it alone. That is fine, but I am interested in hearing from those that have done it. I really would like something that can screw in to where the Rega feet had been. I want to attach them, not just lay the table on top of them. Opinions? Thank you!
The Star Sound Audio threaded brass cones made a big difference on my Scoutmaster, you could look at them.
This is a very low-risk one to try: get a set of four Vibrapod cones and four vibrapod feet. You'd have to weigh your turntable to determine if you should use Vibrapod 1 (use 4 for an 8-to 12-lb. component) or Vibrapod 2 (use 4 for 16-30 lb. component). Remove the Rega feet and rest the foot sockets on the balls of the Vibrapod cones. Then place the cones on top of the Vibrapod Isolators. It takes a few hours for the Vibrapod materials to deflect to their optimum performance.

See what you think; I think you'll get a little more clarity and inner detail, better soundstage, etc. and if you don't, you have 30 days to send them back for a full refund minus return shipping, which should be minimal given how small and light they are.
Not sure you can remove the Rega feet.
I want to attach them, not just lay the table on top of them. Opinions? Thank you!
Oops, I missed that part. Since Star Sound has already been recommended, I'm going to assume that the Rega feet are screwed in with metric M6 threads. You can also get M6 threaded brass cones and pointed feet from Mapleshade.

Now here's the fun part: I have some very inexpensive M6 threaded brass cones I got from PartsExpress (sold as Dayton speaker cones available in black, chrome, black chrome, or gold color) for $20 + ship. I've had them on for about 1-1/2 yrs. Recently I found some fairly large diameter metal floorsavers (about 1-5/8", about the smallest that would work in this application) that are made to protect shelves and floors from pointed spikes. I placed these on the suspension rings of a set of Vibrapods and set the points on these Vibrapod+floorsaver stacks. The results were beyond my expectations. It dropped the noise floor, opened up inner detail, all those great things, and this is a very inexpensive solution that makes for a noticeable difference.

If you have trouble finding floorsavers big enough to span the Vibrapods, you could get some brass or acrylic stock 1/8" to 1/4" thick, cut them into 1-3/4" circles, and use a drill press to put a little dimple in the dead center so the spikes position on them properly.

Of course, it's easier if you can just find floorsavers that are big enough for the Vibrapods.