Replacement drivers that ARE NOT NEW STOCK?

I have recently purchased a used pair of the highly regarded and praised Von Schweikert VR-1. Unfortunately, they were delivered damaged: The woofer dust cap of one speaker is pushed in almost all the way;, and there is 1/2 inch dimple on the tweeter of the other speaker.

Upon playing them the damaged woofer has a raspy distorted sound. The other speaker sounded OK with no distortion or sonic aberrations

Von Schweikert informed me they have NO NEW STOCK OR NOS OF these drivers for VR-1. However, they possibly can source them from drivers "pulled out" of other speakers in their warehouse that are I assume VR-1 speakers damaged in other ways.

I am not so sure this is worth it, considering the drivers could be dried out or susceptible to sudden failure. However, I like some advice on this dilemma. The repair cost could be about $250 including shipping. The speakers sound very good as many AG member have claimed in other threads, but I am not sure if it is worth the aggravation, time, and potential hassles; and so, just start looking for an "equivalent" whether used or new.

I paid $550 for them. The VR-1 were discontinued in 2004 Will appreciate any advice. Thanks!!
Sounds like you got beat!!
Have you talked to Bill Legall from Millersound? He is the BEST at repairing drivers.

I'd call or email him and discuss the options. I guarantee you that the driver(s) will be returned like new.


Ebm: Thanks for the negative vibes, Actually, the speakers are going back to the seller and the claim is being handled by UPS.

MOFi, After posting this thread and giving it much thought, I decided to bag the idea of getting the VR-1 repaired. Millersound is somewhere in Eastern PA., and I don't want to incur more expense for shipping. I am sure his services don't come free either.

Nevertheless, thanks for tip. However, I am seriously considering selling the entire system because this is not fun anymore, and seems to provide more hassles, than relief. 44 years of audiophilia!! Time to move on
So a $550 11 year old used speaker arrives with damaged drivers and your so distraught you consider giving up this hobby? Seems to me you greatly over reacted to such a slight issue. The point about the drivers being used and a 11 year old speaker not having NOS parts available all are a bit whiny to me. Its not hard to swap out drivers and pulling to ship for repair is not as big a deal as you make it seem. The point about shipping damage should just be as you mentioned a return refund and move on the seller should refund and await the UPS results. Its not the sky falling at all just a minor bump in the rd.
Whether used drivers are worth it or not depends on how well they actually work and what are the alternatives. There is nothing inherently bad about the idea. It all depends.