replacement drivers for Veritas 2.4

I have energy Veritas 2.4s. Over the last two years I have had two drivers "freeze". These were replaced by original units. I now have the chance to get 6 new drivers from Energy(API)that"are the new replacements for the original series drivers but are manufatured with the same procedure as the new Veritas series".Has someone actually replaced their drivers with these newer units from the manufacturer and if so what is your opinion both sonically and finacially--was it worth it??
Dougell, I don't know about the old drivers, but I recently changed out my Maggie 1.6's with a pair of 2.3i's and couldn't be happier. I read allot about the speaker feeze problem with the original line and asked my dealer about it. He said the problem had to due with a defective glue issue and my understanding is the new drivers are basically the same with this issue fixed. Dealer told me the "i" was for improved.