Replacement Driver Help

Hello All,

Have an elderly pair of Mirage M-1s that are definitely showing their age. Recently, one of the 5" mid-range drivers has been giving off a very audible scratchy quality during some portions of a variety of music. I removed the driver this morning and discovered that the surround is also disintegrating. I expect this is not the cause of the failure and would like to replace the diver entirely. I am aware of several sites that retail replacement drivers, but am wondering what parameter in addition to proper size should I be looking for. The speakers are rated at 6 Ohms nom and 4 Ohms min. How much should I worry about this? IOWs, will an 8 Ohm replacement driver do the trick?


The noise is probably your voice coil, rubbing the magnet structure, due to the decayed surround. If it’s still making music, the voice coil isn’t destroyed yet. Check with the guys at Madisound, for a replacement. They used to deal in a plethora of OEM overruns. Not certain if they still do. To repair your original driver, Simply Speakers offers kits, specific to the M-1 mids. With a new driver, unless the Thiele-Small parameters are identical, you’ll change the sound of the system(sometimes radically). An 8 Ohm driver would alter the crossover frequencies, at both ends of it’s assigned range. and Here’s a possibility, if yours is the 5DR52015: If they were mine, I’d replace the surrounds myself. Of course, I was in the reconing business for years. You might have the Speaker Exchange, replace the surrounds on both your original mids, if you’re not feeling confident.  I wouldn't have them reconed completely, as that would also change those aforementioned T/S parameters.
Awesome, thanks for all that info.  Mine are labeled as 4DR51690. I will give the surround repair a try first. Was not aware that even minor degradation could impact the sound so dramatically. That said, it is only during certain song sequences that I can hear it.  Thanks for the help.
Your very welcome. I edited my post, apparently while you were typing. I meant to include this, regarding Speaker Exchange's surround repair service:
Excellent. Speaker Exchange will likely come in handy in the future as, like me, these old guys are reflecting the years. Like the speakers a great deal and wish to keep them going for as long as I can.
I understand perfectly!   That's my philosophy, regarding my entire system.
If you don't get it figured out and have a good working driver, I would be willing to spec the driver and help find a replacement for you.  
Thanks very much. I will keep your offer in mind should I require replacements.
Seems I have fixed the problem via a repair of the surround. Thanks all for the help as always.