Replacement Cartridge for Dual 505
Hi all!
I’ve recently dug out my dad’s Dual 505-1 turntable from storage and am looking to replace either the cartridge or stylus. Upon digging it out, I tried out a few of my more played records and the sound was quite "dead", with the high end sounding quite weak. It currently has an Ortofon VMS 30 MK II attached to it (as can be seen in the picture I linked). I am looking for something that will be a bit more lively. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
I sold these tables a long time back with Audio Technica cartridges. Other brands like Grado (which I like) did not sound good with Dual tables. Since they range from $70 on up  I think you'd be happy with the sound and find a price range that fits your budget.