replacement cartridge for Denon DP 45-F

I just bought the Denon DP 45-F turntable with the tonearm and head for $50. It seems to work OK, but I want to find a relatively inexpensive cartridge and stylus, as this turntable will be used for my older records which have more scratches. Is a "P" mount suitable at all? Any suggestions, Thank you all, Alan PS also want to get a better match for my Technics SL 1300 MK2, any suggestions for cartidge and stylus?
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Don't believe a Pmount will work on your TT unless you use
an adaptor. You can get various AT units on Ebay for $20+
that will include a pmount adaptor.(At means Audio Techica.) A Denon 110 or 160 will work quite well with your turntable. Again, look on ebay.
Given that it's a Denon turntable and the Denon DL-110 and DL-160 cartridges date back to the same era, it seems that one of those would be a good match. I have a DL-160 on a new Technics SL1210 M5G. It's a good match there as well, so it should work well on your SL1300.

Most of the records I play are from thrift shops and used record stores. The DL-160 stylus seems particularly good at playing below the surface noise. You can also lower surface noise by using a KAB Record Grip.
I sold my DP45F to my brother last year. I included a Shure V15 MkIV cartridge, which sounded very good with it. Before selling, I tried my new Benz L2, only to find that it simply didn't work. The VTA was wrong, giving poor spectral balance (cartridge body too high).

So, I know a Shure V15 will work. You have to be careful on tables that don't have VTA adjustment.