Replacement cartridge for a Scott PS-87A turntable

I've got an old Scott PS-87A turntable from the late 1970's...but need a new cartridge. I'm not that familiar with turntables, will any cartridge work, or do I need a specific size??? Please help!
Cartridges are either what is called a "Universal" mount or a "P mount". My guess is that your Scott probably uses a "universal" mount. This pretty much leaves the door wide open for you with the only main concerns being budget and the type of phono stage that you are using. The more specifics as to what you're using in terms of gear, what you're looking for in terms of tonal balance and the price range that you want to stay within, we might be able to offer more in-depth responses. Personally, i would stick with a modest MM ( moving magnet ) design with this type of TT. Sean