Replacement cartridge?

I have a Pro-ject Perspective TT, Grado PH-1 phono amp and Blue Point Special HO MC cart. Over the weekend my sons had friends over and damaged the cartridge. The stylus is about 90 degrees to the left of where it should be so I am assuming the cartridge is toast. The dealer I bought the TT from has sumiko, dennon and grado, but I want them or someone other than myself to install and adjust the cartridge. The grado amp can handle low outputs I think. I would appreciate any advise, I need to get back up and running ASAP.

Thanks in advance
Be optimistic since you can get much better cartridge for the value of BPS or even less!

The best replacement and significant upgrade over BPS will be Dynavector 10x4 for nearly the same amount of BPS' MSRP or even less. If you catch some good deal on Clearaudio Aurum Beta-S you should tame your hunger and get it from internet without bothering your dealer with Grados or Dennons since they're limited to your TT/phono combo.

You can also acquire(if you're in the rush rush rush) inexpencive backup from Grado line at your dealer so you won't starve for analogue too much. I'd take Prestige Gold or Silver whichever doesn't hurt extra for your budget(I believe that inexpencive back-up cartridge is a-must since many cases can happen and you don't want to wait an eternity to resurrect your treasure).

Budget for whatever is reasonable to optimize turntable and phono amp.
As you require help in setup, the Denon 103D is likely the best way to go. It is not the best cartridge on the planet, but it is properly made. That is, they did not do anything special, but neither did they do anything wrong, which may be even more important. Others may be better to be sure, but with your selection, I would consider it the hands down winner.