Replacement cartridge

I'm curious on the thoughts about replacing my Madrigal Carnegie One cartridge. Knowing that it's an older unit I'm sure its a bit behind todays cartridges. I've been looking at the Sumiko Blue Point EVOIII for a replacement and Im wondering what you guys think about it?? If anyone has any expierence with it? This is attaching to a SOTA Sapphire playing through a B&W & Rotel system
My Sota loves a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S.
However, in the range of a Blue Point(I've used the blue point special, not the EVO), I would take a Goldring over it any day. The Sumiko was overly smooth to me and lacked some detail. What do you have for a phono pre also? If it's built into a receiver or pre then that may limit the quality of what you want to spend on the cartridge.
Dear Sunshdw: I agree with Elevick, the MM/MI type cartridges are very good alternative with " surprising "/unexpected high quality performance.
Give a try, I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thank you for your responses. I'm using the Phono section of my RC1082 Rotel. So not only should I get a new cartridge but it sounds like I should go after an external phono stage.......

Thanks again!!
One thing at a time. Some built in phono's are decent. If you can borrow one first, that would be ideal.