Replacement caps for Audio Note M1

My Audio Note M1 uses a pair of Audio Note paper in oil caps, alu foil, silver leads. Kinda expensive to replace.

What is a suitable reasonably-priced replacement? I'm thinking Sprague Vitamin Q. Or Wima red bricks.

What say you guys?
Coupling caps exert a MAJOR influence on the presentation of an amplifier. The equation is simple; cheap caps=lost music. Nature(as in a musical signal) abhors a capacitor, and ESPECIALLY a cheap one. Use those that you have mentioned and you will lose much of what your amp was designed to deliver, in the way of natural warmth, imaging, ambience retrieval, sound staging, high end extention and detail(without glare), etc. auriCAPS are a reasonably priced capacitor, and will retain much of what your amp was designed to provide, in the way of music reproduction(If you really feel you HAVE to go the cheap route). Click on, "AURICAP", at the bottom of this page:( Follow these guidelines, if you do purchase auriCAPS: ( Actually, most of the better caps out there provide a reference, as to which lead is connected the the outer foil. Multicaps and DynamiCaps are also excellent for the money, BTW.
IMO, changing the caps to anything other than Audio Note paper in oil caps is going to alter the sonic signature of the M1 preamp. If that's your goal, and if you don't place importance on resale, then go ahead with the plan.

Otherwise, I recommend replacing the caps with the factory spec'd part.
Thanks for the feedback.
@Rodman99999, I am seriously considering your suggestions.
Sonic Craft has a sale on their Sonic Craft Platinum(Teflon) caps for 1 more day, I found them vastly superior to Auricaps, YMMV...

Just curious, why are you changing them and also why did you consider such cheap alternatives at first?