Replacement cable for Shunyata Hydra 6 power conditioner

I have a Hydra 6 for which I need a longer power cable. Since I have to shop for one, a question beyond simple replacement has come up. Are here better alternatives to the Hydra 6's cord? Someone suggested the classic King Cobra and a technician suggested that, should I stray form Shunyata, consider either a Gutwire SV-8 or Sablon Audio Corona Reserva Elite. Ugh. Does anyone have a recommendation. I want balance, timbre, decay and a clear upper end. 
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I use Shunyata Venom on my Hydra 8 V2 (may go to HC version some day). Sounds good to me...
So stray away from a Shunyata power cable to power a Shunyata product? Yeah... whatever. The Cobra is a good cord, Python HELIX (older), the King Cobra, if you can find one. The V2 Venom cords are getting good reviews as well. Were you happy with the cord you had previously? If so, shoot Shunyata a note and see what the cable is, and see if they have a longer one avail.
I use the old Shunyata Copperhead power cords with my Shunyata Hydra 2, Hydra 4 and Hydra 6 and am very happy with no desire to change.  What do you hope to get with a different PC and will the change even be audible?
Audio Envy has been getting some strong endorsements here and may save you $$$ if it works for you sonically. 
I've used Shunyata products for years. Currently have a Hydra 4, 6, 8 V2, & V-Ray. When I replaced my Python Helix ($1k) on the Hydra 6, for a Signal Cable Silver ($169.00), Got more transparent with no downside.

If you want to stay with Shunyata of the same (vintage) cords as your Hydra 6, I think the Taipan Helix used is the sleeper of that line.
FWIW, I had a pair of Copperheads on my then Parasound HCA 3500 ss amp and it was too strident. In addition, the Copperheads are super stiff unlike the helix cables.

It's more important to isolate or better, decouple your Hydra 6. Treat it like any major component in this regard.