Replacement bookshelf speakers for B&W Nautilus803

I love the N803s but I need to downsize my speakers to bookshelf size.

Would appreciate any thoughts from forum members. Please give me your short list of where I should begin my search.

If you like the B&W house sound, why not go with some 805s?

If you don't mind a metal tweeter, I really like what Monitor Audio has to offer. I've owned both brands and like MA much better. Even the cheaper ones.
I'm with Rlwainwright, if you love the B&W sound, the 805 is a great option. They're easy to find, plenty of supply on the secondary market, and they hold their value very well so even if you were to change things down the road you'd get back 80-90% of what you spend on them. I understand the urge to try new things, branch out and try new brands, but if you love the 803 sound then sticking with B&W and going with the 805 may be the bird in the hand...
Thank you for your thoughtful responses.

As a related question, what do you think my 803s could sell for? They were purchased in 2001 and in good condition.

thanks again
Depending on condition - quantity and severity of chips & scratches, tweeter dimples, any other cosmetic issues - and whether you have complete packaging, manuals, jumpers, etc. I'd say a range of $2500-3200 is probably not far off. I haven't shopped for a pair in a while, but I think that's a close approximation of the current market.