replacement belt for a Maplenoll Ariadne

I have a Maplenoll Ariadne and would like to buy a spare belt - where is the best source for this belt? about 38" circumference.
I'd contact either Lloyd Walker at Walker Audio or Pierre Sprey at Mapleshade Audio. One of them may have some information.
I would be a little cautious in ordering a belt from LP Gear.
I bought a belt from them specifically described as "Maplenoll Ariadne Signature turntable replacement belt" and it is too wide to fit on the pulley's flanges. The previous belt, sourced from Bob Dilger, is 3/32" wide and the belt I received from LP Gear is 5/32" wide. The result is that the replacement doesn't fit onto the pulley. I have sent them two emails, a day apart, and have not received a reply. There doesn't seem to be a phone number on their site, so I'm stuck waiting for a response. Granted it is a busy season I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
A correct replacement belt should be 25" internal circumference, 3/32" wide and 1/32" thick based on the previous belt. So, far I haven't found a suitable source, but I did repair a small crack in the original, so it might be the default choice.
All's well that ends well. I received an email message, from LP Gear, giving me a return authorization so I'll send the wrong belt back today.
Well it is good to hear that LP Gear is giving you a return on the wrong size belt, but do they also have the correct size belt for your turntable. I have a round profile belt that I would like to replace or buy as a backup. It looks like it was custom made with a visible seam where the ends were fused together. My belt circles from the pulley all the way around the heavy lead platter and is approx 38" inches in circumference x 3/32"? round profile. Does anyone out there in Agon world know of a good source?
Hello Stereobug,
Well, I've sent a second email message to LP Gear asking for some kind of status on the belt. This one a bit more demanding than my first request. In the meantime I've located a second source that might pan out. They indicate they have a belt that is 0.118 wide and might be suitable. The price is reasonable and I hope to have it fairly soon. I'm afraid I don't know of a source for a round belt, sorry.
Good luck!
I received a message from LP Gear explaining how they were temporarily out of stock on the correct belt and were waiting for some to arrive. They apologized for not letting me know this before. A second message informed that a replacement belt had been sent today. Probably the lack of communication was due to a hectic season combined with CES attendance. Anything can happen and I'm sure this is not indicative of their normal customer support. Anyone trying to offer parts for long discontinued turntables deserves all the understanding we can offer.
I received a belt today from LP Gear and it the correct size and looks to be exactly what the turntable needs. A few rough patches along the way, but in the end they came through.
Hello, check out the Origin Live UK website.
They have high quality replacement belts available for many turntables and may be able to help with yours.
I replaced the one on my Linn LP12 recently and believe that with a fair wind and a glass of something nice in my hand I would go as far as to say that yes the sound is superior to the original Linn belt. Cheers, Stuart
Stay away from LP gear, they don't have the belts they list, will send you a random belt ! Good luck getting your money back.