Replacement arm for my Micro Seiki DD24?

It's not the greatest TT stock, but I've changed the plater and added an outboard belt drive as part of a rebuild project. Now I need an arm. What do you suggest (in keeping with the low budget of the project please)?

Happy New Year!
The Micro Seiki MA 505 tonearm would be an ideal candidate, I think.
That would be nice, but I haven't seen any available.
If you want to keep things simple, and keep costs down, get a tonearm with the same pivot-to-spindle distance as the original arm. Otherwise, you'll have to drill a new hole and deal with mounting it correctly. I don't know what tonearm came with the DD-24, but it probably has a mounting distance of 222 mm. Most (all?) Micro Seiki arms have an effective length of 237 mm and an overhang of 15 mm (237-15=222).

Any Rega arm should work well with this table. RB-250, 251, 300, 301 often come up used for $200-300.