Replacement amp for outlaw rr2160

Hi all,
  I bought an outlaw rr2160 integrated a couple of months ago and I really enjoy the sound coming from it. I have kef q100 on the shouty end of it which are soon being replaced by kef r3. 

  Unfortunately, my wife bought new cabinets for the living room and my outlaw won’t fit in it and my wife deems it too ugly to be kept out in the open. 

  So now I am looking to replace my basically new integrated with something else around the $1000 mark. I would like it to have a Dac, at least of couple of toslink inputs and also a subwoofer output with base management (so that it cuts out any frequency below the xover to the bookshelfs).  Essentially looking for an outlaw thats a bit smaller and can be hidden away in a cabinet. 

Do you guys have any suggestions ? (And anyone want a good deal on a brand new rr2160) ?

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Kachda, why do you need 2 toslinks?  Just curious.

That Elac and Audiolab 6000a both look pretty cool 👍. I don’t have experience with either but they look nice.

Between myself, my brother and my friend, we’ve owned 9 different peachtree products.  Every single one has broke.  They have great customer service though, as in, they sometimes will send you out a new unit before they’ve received the malfunctioning unit.

Something else you might want to consider is getting some speakers that are more efficient than those R3’s.