Replaced SHURE M95ed W/ JICO SAS stylus 1 - Will Not Fit

Took the plunge and bought the Stylus 1 SAS from JICO, thought it would be an easy replacement for my Shure cart M95ED from all I read. Finally received it in the mail and attempted install but found that the plastic sides that the guard attach to seem to be too small to fit the cart. Just want to make sure I am not missing something here before I attempt to send this one back. The cantilever fits fine, but when it gets to the plastic housing it appears it needs just a little more room to slide over the cart housing. 

Anyone else ever encountered this issue? What are the chances I received the wrong replacement from JICO? 
they are very specific, if it doesn't fit, it's wrong
It should fit.  Something's wrong if it doesn't.  I have JICO SAS for the M95ED, M97xE and the V15 MK IV.  They were all easy to install (and sound great!).