Replaced Kimber Kable Hero ICs with Kubala-Sosna

I just replaced Kimber Kable Hero ICs with Kubala-Sosna Emotion ICs. WOW, never thought the difference would be this great. I thought some of my previous music issues were coming from the room but it turns it was the issues of the KK Heros being the issue. Just can't believe the difference the ICs made.

Now I want to know what the KS speaker cables will do
KS Emotion speaker cables have a lot of texture and are very smooth. Not the last word in transparency and resolution, but great cables nonetheless.
Gee: the Emotion(at over $2000/m) outperformed the Hero(at under $250/m)? What a shock!! How about comparing them to Kimber's Silver Select line, which cost about half the price of the Emotions? A much fairer comparison. I'm not saying that Kubala doesn't make an excellent interconnect, but- let's be rational here.

In the always interesting world of audio cables"research" seems to never end!
Have fun with the KS but be warned,they're brand new Elations are another quantum leap!!
I have the Kubala-Sosna Fascination IC's and SC's, and just purchased Expression speaker cables. Instead of selling the Fascination's, I decided to bi-wire the Fasciniation's to the high's and the Expression's to the lows. As good as the Fasciniation's are, the Expression's IMO opened a whole new world for me. I'm waiting for someone to list Expression IC's with XLR terminations for my next step up the ladder.
KS cables are superb cables renowned for outperforming those costing fractions of their price.

They even compete favorably with many similarly priced cables.

How could you possibly go wrong with the SC?
Would PBJ to Kubala be a big jump?