Replaced CDP w/ Transport; Now, Soundstage Changes Dramatically w/each CD. Why?

Here's something I've never encountered. I've borrowed  a Heed DT Transport and am loving the increased resolution, compared to my Jolida JD100 cdp BUT, now the sound-stage expands and contracts, depending upon whichever CD is being played.The effect is very evident-- not subtle. This is really weird. 

System: Heed Transport -> Aqua La Voce II DAC -> Wells Majestic Integrated -> Silverline SR17.5 Monitors.
I don't even know where to begin. . . any suggestions? ? ? 

BTW, replacing the Blue Jeans BNC cable with an Empirical Audio BNC cable didn't change anything. 

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stuartk "I scanned the Wire World website quickly and didn't see any links to a return policy. If I can't try it at home, I won't consider it. "

While your policy, practice, and custom is worthy, justified, and admirable you're guarantee, assurances, and satisfaction are ultimately the role, responsibility, and policies of your dealer and not the manufacturer of the product in an instance such as this.