Replaced caps and what a difference

I bought a Cary Slp98 that had Audio 1 caps that were a upgrade from Cary. I found their sound slow, thick, missing high end definition. I have no clue as to who manufactures the "Audio 1's", but I have read many posts that have crucified these caps and I have to agree.

After much reading I felt that the Hovland Musicaps were the capacitor of choice; and what a difference these coupling caps have made to the sound. From lowend to highs these caps sound great. The Hovlands have transformed the Slp98 into a beautiful piece of high end equipment. Great works from both Cary and Hovland. Too bad Cary doesnt offer them as part of their upgrade.
I just bought a Cary SLP 98 and it has the stock caps. Should I upgrade them to the Hovland Musiccaps? How much improvement would they make? I am using the preamp with Rocket 88 power amp.
I would also look at the Auricaps by Audience.