Replaced all my Living Room Outlets

Just wanted to share that I spent about $50 and an afternoon replacing all the outlets in my home with Eaton / Arrow Hart commercial grade outlets. I don’t think it sounds better, but I sure feel a lot more peace of mind.

This house is about 16 years old and a rental for most of the time. Several outlets showed signs of wear, they either didn’t grip a plug well or had too much movement when pressed. In addition all of them were back stabbed which is a fire hazard due to the ability of them to make poor contact, which is also bad news for a stereo.

I am lucky enough to have a dedicated circuit to the living room but with all the outlets daisy chained it made no sense to replace just the outlet at the stereo. They all had to go.

I forgot who it was but an A'goner recommended outlet shim plates and I am extremely grateful for that advice.

For the price I think this was a sound (hahahaha, I’m funny) investment.

I wrote about it more below:




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Regarding outlets: When I replace an outlet, if the feeder wires are solid core, I flatten them and use a spark-plug file (perfectly flat) to expose as much flat surface as possible before attaching to the new outlet. Likewise, I use the same file to dress the plug flanges that will go into the outlet (look at your plug flanges and you'll probably see burrs left over from manufacture. These burrs prevent flat contact with the metal in the outlet). Better contact means more amps!


I just bought a hospital grade plug for my system. Not too bad in price. Maybe $14. I tested it out. It really gripped tight. I have not installed it yet. I hate having to power down the system all the way.