Replace wall wart to Simaudio LP3

I just picked up a brand new Simaudio LP3 to go with a second turntable I am setting up. The wall wart that comes with the LP3 is miniscule and is bound to be a switching power supply. I want to replace it with a premium quality power supply and would be willing to spend up to $750. These are the options I am considering; Welbourne Labs ($240), Bolder Cable Company ($550 for basic), and two UK options, Little Pinky (~$300) and Paul Hynes Design (Scotland-~$300). Does anyone have any suggestions/tips/advice? For reference, I already have a Simaudio LP5.3 mated to a VPI Classic and Benz Glider. The LP3 is to be mated with a restored Thorens TD124/SME 3009 and Ortofon 540MkII.
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>would be willing to spend up to $750

That's more than the LP3 costs! For the combined cost, you could get another used LP5.3 easily.
I don't understand it either. I have an LP3 and it is just fine for a modest phono stage. There are many better pieces used and even new for about $1k. Could you elaborate on your idea?
Well yeah, I guess. Arguably, the LP3 is very close in POTENTIAL to the LP5.3 with a very similar layout and parts choice but it is single ended only and it lacks a sophisticated power supply. I picked up the LP3 on close-out for $350. The LP5.3 has been replaced by the 310 and the price has gone up from $1500 to $1800 such that retailers won't let a 310 out the door for less than $1500. If I were to spend $500 on an outboard PSU and get 90-95% of the sound quality of the LP5.3, I figure I come out ahead. Plus, it will be fun to experiment and compare. This hobby is supposed to be fun, right?
Of course! Have some fun.
Just picking up a brand new phono stage and immediately thinking about replacing the power supply doesn't sound like much fun to me.
"Just picking up a brand new phono stage and immediately thinking about replacing the power supply doesn't sound like much fun to me"

Unnecessary implied criticism/negativity. To each his own. If you read my OP, you would have seen that I already have a Simaudio LP5.3. I did not buy the LP3 thinking it would be fantastic or amazing or up to the level of my LP5.3. I bought it because I do need a second phono stage for a second table. I bought it knowing it would not be up to the level of the LP5.3 and when I bought it I discussed with the salesperson (from Music Direct) the potential to upgrade its performance with a replacement for the wall wart. Phono stages by nature "handle" very low voltage signals. The power supply to a phono stage doesn't have to handle big fluctuations in voltage and power draw the way one does in a power amp or even a preamp. But it does need to be ultra quiet. Hence the popularity of battery power supplies with phono stages. A well designed power supply featuring a top quality transformer and chokes will far excel the performance of a switching wall wart for a design like the LP3. I don't think you will find a single audio engineer who would say otherwise. The question is not "should I?" but "which?"-
I just said it doesn't sound like fun to ME. Everyone should enjoy their audio system in their own way. Some like to listen to music and some like to futz around with gear. Makes no difference to me as long as I don't have to pay for it. Enjoy yourself.
The power supply to a phono stage doesn't have to handle big fluctuations in voltage and power draw

I know a few designers who would strongly disagree with that. ;-)

It is not worth spending $700 to replace a wall-wart. As was mentioned to you on AA, look at plugging in a battery supply. You can match the input connector down at Radio Shack to make up a cable. Most of the jump start batteries I mentioned come with a DC accessory jack and a cable. Might set you back $50 and will give all of the benefits you are seeking.
Right, why not extract maximum performance from a basically very good piece? Just might be a little expensive in this case.
My speaker cables were more expensive than my speakers, both new and used.
I have a Little Pinkie for my V-DAC and it makes a BIG difference; I recommend them enthusiastically.
Hah, my V-DAC cost $299, the LP around $200, the Transparent Reference digital cable lists for $1500 and the Oyaide GPX PC for $500. But it sounds extremely good together and that is the idea , isn't it?
The Wellborne Labs PSU I bought used from this site (Thanks Marc!) arrived yesterday in mint condition as described. The DC cord came with the same 2.1 mm male connector my Simaudio LP3 needed. Warmed up the trusty ARC VS110 and AudioPrism Mantissa pre and settled in for a listen. Immediately the improvement was readily apparent. With the wall wart I was getting some overload distortion on loud dynamics. Gone. With the wall wart the overall sound was very "hi-fi"-contrived and crude. The PSU eliminated that and replaced the hi-fi sound with a relaxed natural sounding timbre. The soundstage filled in and is quite wide-wider than it is with my more expensive LP5.3! My only nit right now is that the sound also darkened a bit-and I do miss the highs. I may need to play with capacitance a bit. Or maybe the LP3 just needs further break-in. For anybody out there with a phonostage using a cheap wall wart, I highly recommnend you look into a linear PSU. Particularly if you have the Simaudio LP3.