replace vandersteen 2ce signature

i have scaled down in rooms and i love the sound of the vandersteen 2ce signatures but i don't have the footprint for the large speaker, so i can use a small footprint , on a stand or wall unit, if possible. any substitues? HELP
I did the same thing once, I'm now back to the 2ce's, but I went to a Vandersteen 1c. They're a lot smaller, very similar sound, just not as much bass & easier to drive.
I had a somewhat similar experience. I started out with the 1cs and upgraded to the 2ce sigs. Unfortunately they were just too darn big in my room. It was probably because of the room size but I actually preferred the sound of the smaller 1cs. Anyway, I traded the bigger Vandys for a pair of Meadowlark Audio Shearwater Hot Rods (wonderful sound). The sloped baffle has a way of making them seem smaller than they are. Unfortunately, when we moved into an apartment they were way too big. Right this minute I'm listening to XTC "Oranges and Lemons" through a pair of Meadowlark Audio Kestrel Hot Rods. Man this sounds good in a small room. If you must go with bookshelves try some Totems. Good luck.
thanks it is hard trying to give up the vandy'S thanks
I've had the same Vandy's. Had room size issues.
Don't know what your budget is...
I've never seen them for sale used but imo the Shahinian ARC's should be given consideration.
thinking of going the meadowlark swift way the shannians i have not seen either. so the 1c is a condideration but they are so similar obvisously the totem is sometghing i had thought of i won't ever tell anyone i went with a bookself speaker my friends will have a fun month with that boy thanks for the advice i may post what i do incase anyone runs into situation anyone that can use the vandys , boy they are good......moving now toward the meadowlark price range ....thanks guys and all
Hmm. There are so many good small speakers. Revel Gems. Totems. Silverlines 16's. Meadowlarks. I love the gems, but the pricetag seems high. 7k a pr for a bookshelf size (new). B&W nautilus bookshelf w/ diamond tweeter? Does it exist? The metal tweeter is a bit bright.
After moving into a very small room I sold the Shearwaters. I now use the Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods which are my favorite speaker for a small room. They are easy to place, have plenty of bass and just sound great. I've not heard the Swifts or Shannians so I can't compare. I tried a few bookshelves but as they take up as much floor space when stands are considered, why not have the extra bass.
Good luck.