Replace tnt2 springs with new vpi isolators?

Hello, I had a VPI HW19MKIV and had ordered the new VPI isolators for it to replace the suspension. Well I recently bought a TNT2 that came available and sold the HW19. The isolators are probably another couple of weeks before I get them. I was going to ask Mike at VPI but they are closed this week. Does anyhone know if the isolators would fit the TNT2 and if its worth trying the conversion. Was hoping to put the TNT together this weekend. Any advice appreciated. Thx. Chris
They are listed under the HW19 section only - but looking at the springs on my HW19mkIV - they are the same as the ones on the TNT2 except for the 3 bearings on top of the HW19 version. Mike was saying they have been selling quite a few and people were really happy with the rigid suspension so wanted to give it a try. Any thoughts on doing this from anyone.
Thats funny. Prior to selling their own isolators, I spoke with Mike at VPI regarding my VPI HW19 Mk.IV table, and the possibility of a new Tonearm. I have a very well renowned ZETA Tonearm, which works best with the best MC cartridges out there...Koetsu.....Benz...Zyx...etc....Low Compliant MC cartridges. Anyway, Mike wanted to sell me the JMW 10.5i Memorial Tonearm, with armboard for $2100.00......He said that the only reason that the HW19 series was discontinued, was because they were very expensive to make, but a great table, and preferred to the Scout and Airies. He told me that with the new JMW arm, Id have a Table that would be tough to beat. He also told me to leave the sprung suspension...he told me that I could use the sorbothane pucks, or the Toys R Us Swimming Noodles, cut down, to give me to solid table, no springs, but was sure Id prefer the Springs, as he does himself. Now that they are selling their own product, all the sudden he is pushing them Isolation pucks...seems more of a business angle to me. He said that the airy suapension of the springs on the HW19 MK.IV was very hard to beat, and better than the non suspended version of the same table. Ray
Ray -I am not sure but Mike probably personally prefers the spring suspension. He was just telling me what others have been saying to him and for $50 dollars its worth switching out and just giving it a try. Let your own ears decide which you prefer.
I got the tnt up and running but am having problems with the PLC - the older one with dials. TNT runs fine without PLC but with it - it dies after about 15 mins.
Found out that that back dial is for voltage for motor noise only and front dial is for speed. If someone has a technique for setting this it would be appreciated.
otherwise I intend to turn nut on back fully clockwise then start turning counter clockwise till noise is minimal but stll runs.Then I will adjust the front dial and hope it works.
I opened it up and sprayed the IC's with cleaner and will let it sit for the day to dry out ad try again.
Hi Chris,

Yes Mike told me I could try both ways myself also, but said in end Id return to springs. I too have the Dial PLC, and had a problem, dont remember what it was, but Mike sent me another one, that was sent in to them, and told me to switch out a certain IC, but my problem ended up resolved, and the one he sent me, only problem was that the transformer had broken loose from it anchoring to the bottom of the box, very simple fix, and I use that on my second turntable system. It was nice of him to send me another unit, he may do the same for you, especially if you are contemplating a new table. Ray
Ray, the TNT for me is the new table with the HW19-mkIV just sold. Both with ET2 arms. I read on the web that the PLC needs to be at least 3 feet away from TT. It was on the shelf right below the TT before. I moved it away as far as possible. Went through a whole listening session last night just fine and it sounds good. Hopefully it remains that way. Chris
Ask Mike about the squash ball suspension for your table. It's really the very best solution. If you're handy Mike will sell you the parts so you can continue to use the four cups you already have. Then it's not a very expensive proposition.
Are you referring to the TNT or the HW19 MK.IV? What are the cups your referring to? Mike told me about using the Foam Floaties for swimming pools, that is sold at Toys R Us....its a long foam tube, he said to cut like 3 inch peices, and try them in the 4 spring locations, if I wanted to experiment with a non spring suspended table. I have also heard of guys using squash balls, I think cut in half?? or is it the full ball? Any other special parts needed? Mike did tell me that instead of the $2400.00 to put a JMW 10.5i arm and armboard on my HW19 MK.IV, he could use a B Stock JMW 10.5i tonearm with armboard for $1400.00....but Im still not so sure about the JMW Tonearms. I have heard so many pros and cons....My ZETA is a very good tonearm, and matches well with most of todays top MC Cartridges. Ray
I'm talking TNT. I'm talking about something I've already done. Go to

There you will see what I am talking about. However they want to sell you new "cups" at the 4 corners of the TNT. But all you really need is what is shown with the ball on top. The ball will rest against the top of the cups you already have but you may have to experiment with spacers. I made spacers out of wood. Under the ball there are two plastic parts that screw together allowing adjustment for height.

This is the arrangement that VPI has used to replace the bladders on the high end TNTs. It works great.
Thx for the tip Melm.
I was able to call VPI and get them to cancel the isolators since they had not gone out yet.
So its the whole ball and I just want to confirm that the part/s that Mike will sell me is all of the plastic gear below the ball? Chris
Yes, that's it. The reason the "kit" includes new stainless steel cups is that they are sized to make everything come out at just the right height. But they are the most expensive part of the kit. If Mike will sell you just the plastic gear below the ball (and the ball) you will have to experiment with spacers to make the whole thing come out at the right height. I used double sided tape to hold wooden spacers in the cup. It took me two tries, but it came out perfect. It was a clear improvement over the springs. Good luck!