Replace Thiel CS3.5 Mid-Range with the Scanspeak 10F/8424G

Looking to replace the damaged mid-range in my Thiel CS3.5 speakers.  PBN Audio recommends the Scanspeak 10F/8424G 4” as a replacement.  Apparently no modifications to the crossover are required.


Has anyone heard the CS3.5 with the 10F/8424G?  If so, can you describe the sound?  The 10F/8424G is known as an outstanding driver, great clarity and smooth response.  Is it an improvement over the original mids?  Thanks.  

If PBN says it is a good replacement then that is all I would need to know.  He makes very outstanding Speakers that always sound great.  I would order the driver with no reservations.  I would replace the one in each speaker so they are matched. 
stereo5, thanks for the response.  I've heard nothing but great things about PBN and especially Rob.  No reflection on them, I do like to hear independent voices on speakers as sound & hearing are subjective. 

twoleftears, go it.  It took awhile for the light bulb to go on in my head.  I have moved the question to that forum.  Have wonderful feedback from members.  A great group.   Perhaps we'll solve the world's problems.

Thanks again to both of you.