Replace the Supratek Chardonnay with Accuphase?

Need your help to decide. I have the Supratek Chardonnay tube pre-amp paired with Accuphase A-60 power-amp. I was wondering if the Accuphase C-2410 pre would be a good replacement for the Chordanny?

Also, I have an Audionote DAC 3.1x Signature (unbalanced and moded) using the Marantaz CD-17 as the transport. I was thinking of replacing this pair with the Accuphase DP-500. your thoughts and suggetions appreciated.
What are the sonic faults that you hear with the Chardonnay?
One thing's for sure -- the sound will be totally different, and you may like some things betters and others not as much! Maybe you just need a different tube preamp if the Chardonnay has things you don't like about it...

I personally like the concept of a tube preamp feeding a solid-state power amp. And different tube preamps give different presentations. So depending on your personal listening bias, you might just be looking for a different kind of tube sound...

That said, I am also curious about what you feel are the Chardonnay's short falls?
Instead of mixed salad, whose end-taste is really depend on your ability to mix and match the different tastes of each ingredients, you would have a salad dominated by the taste of one major ingredient. Now, an all accuphase system likely would have a very company specific coloration of sound - which would most resemble to the silky and joyful picture of Watteau, like this - but whether you will like it or not, that one you really should decide.
sorry this is off the topic but how do you like the Accuphase A 60? how do you describe its sound?
Thanks. Don't get me wrong the Chardonnay is a very nice pre, having said that I do feel the bass is not tight & could be a bit bloated (to my ears). I must admit I do like a tight bass with a bit of slam & with the A-60 being on the warm side does not help.

I m no expert but in general tube amps compared to a SS *lack* bass. Hence the thought of change.

Any comments on the AN DAC/ Marantz CD-17 vs the DP-500?

Thanks for your insight.

My speakers are B&W 802 S3
It sounds warm- more towards sounding tube than SS. Its detailed and clean, the soundstage is large and the bass is quite deep.
It surely puts out much more power than 60 watts and drives my B&W 802 S3 with ease. The build quality and finish is just incredible.
Jay, to me the Accuphase sounds though fluid also a bit "slow" with plumpy bass. I have had the A-50V the A-60's predecessor.
My ICEpower based monoamps sound more transparent, dynamic and tighter in the bass. I don't say that the Accuphase is a bad amp, no in contrary, it is a very good amp, better than Mark Levinson and Krell!

Jay461 - if you replace output caps with v-caps it improves the extension and detail in the bottom end - at least that is what it did in my cortese - there are some comments on it on the large supratek thread.

I m no expert but in general tube amps compared to a SS *lack* bass
Actually it's the interface with the wrong spkrs that does that. BUT, anyway, you're speaking of the pre. Normally, there shouldn't be problems at one end of the spectrum (i.e bass) just because yr pre uses tubes. In fact tubes are quite good at amplifying small signals. It may be a characteristic of that particular pre -- but this is unlikely.
You've checked other parametres I assume (wires, source, etc)?
Thanks for all your input. After much thought I have decided to go with the C-2410 & DP-500.

Which means the Chardonnay, DAC 3.1x Sig & CD-17 is up for sale.
I am probably a bit late, but have you tried tube rolling on your Chardonnay?
If you are using stock or wrong tubes (I am not saying the stock one are bad, but there are much better ones) you haven't heard what the pre is capable of. You can also perfectly taylor the pre to you liking and to better suit your power amp and speakers
hi,i used to have accuphase a-50v !!!i try to match with levinson 380s. krell krc-hr bat 50se 51se not find the good match !!! finally i so lucky to get the used accuphase 280l ...the minutes i hook up to the a-50v the magic happen i never heard anything so good before !!!bottom line is accuphase product will work good with family only!!i did try theaccuphase pre with krell & plinius amp ...there is no not try anything else get the accuphase & done.
I have the Chardonnay too. In my own system, tube rolling to Ken Rad Black Glass VT-231 and changing power cord to Black Sand Silver Ref bring big improvements in the bass - tighter, better control and resolution. I am planning to change the output caps to v-cap soon. Before switching, try them first if you still like what the Chardonnay does in your system. Hope this helps.