Replace sunfire true sub with what ?

have a linn 5140 aktiv hometheater setup, want more musical sub, what do you think?
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I personally have a full AV 51 system (4x 5140, 1x5120 and 1x5150, all in active mode with 5105 amps). The Linn 5150 is a great sub and blenda very well with the rest of the system, and I would highly recomend it to you.
kenny, your setup is the best they had to offer in that time, mine is the lk140s i have been looking for a cherry 5150, no luck. thanks
are you referring to a sunfire signature ???
Don't know what your budget is, but there is a JameEMB1500 for sale on the 'gon, for a great price. Might be negotiable, since it has been on the 'gon for awhile. Amazing sub, whether two channel audiophile listening or home theatre application. I should know: I have two of them. The 1500 moves the air, big time.

Take some time then and keep your eyes open, they are out there. One is listed now on A'gon, $1500 but it is on Chicago without a box...

Be patient, don't just jump at what is available when such a good match is out there..

FWIW I am about a month away from completely redoing my HT to a Revel speaker system that I have been pining over for a year or more, and will be selling off all my speakers and amps soon. I can't say my 5150 if mint though. UPS was kind enough to drop it on an edge in transport, leaving a small divit.....

Good luck!
thanks for the responses,,, my room is only about 13x17 and i think i just have too much bass with the aktiv 5140s and the sunfire..... the true is the model before the signature,
back when they first came out mid to late 90s.

kenny, talk to me when your are looking to move your stuff. a smaller room the rel strata II or III works quite well; very musical, slam when required, and a ten inch downfiring woofer..small footprint..

about 600 to 900 used; III model is more expensive and worth it if you can swing it....better crossover controls, low FR volume in addition to overall volume control, remote for bass output (very useful)
No brainer - Revel B15 (or B 30).
You don't have to worry about placement as you have an EQ built in, and the output is outrageous.
i had a rel strata III and currently have a sunfire signature..

the rel was better for music(seamless) and the sunfire was better for home theatre(incredible slam and small footprint)...i wouldn consider the james for a happy medium...
I have owned the Sunfire Architectural. There is no comparison to the James. Well, there is, but it is not good for the Sunfire. After living with my James for a couple of months and doing some serious two channel listening: I don't know how I lived with the Sunfire. I don't know about home theatre, but let's face it, I had to see how the James did with the Gladiator sound track. Unbelievable. Prodigious, taut, air moving bass of an order I didn't hear in my Sunfire. I had no sub woofer referrent with my Sunfire, so my ears were a bit ignorant. The Sunfire: playing complex bass runs is distortion city compared to the James. If you got the $$, go for the James. It'll bring you home.....
Actually, I am buying the Sunfire true sub EQ. I can't remember, does the architectural Sunfire have the Equalization system like the Eq series?