replace/substitute 8" bextrene woofer?

I have a pair of Tangent Acoustics RS4 (built around 1980) speakers with Audax bextrene 8" midbass woofers. I've just noticed that one of the woofers probably needs replacement. (I noticed that blown-woofer-buzz on a stand up bass solo, but not too noticeable on any other track so far.) The trouble is that Audax doesn't seem to make that driver any longer. I know nothing about speaker engineering. What can of worms am I opening if I put another driver in there? I assume I'd have to replace both. The bextrene drivers are very inefficient (84-86), and with new drivers I assume these would become very different speakers. What are my options? How would new, more efficient drivers match with my tweeters (Audax, I think, 1" soft dome)? Crossovers, etc? Or should I just live with it (avoid bass solos) until I can afford new speakers? I understand that speaker technology has really improved since 1980 anyway.
Why not contact Audax and ask them what they think would be a suitable replacement or have them recommend a suitable reconing facility ? This might be the easiest way to solve your problem without a lot of guess-work involved. Sean
I've been trying to contact Audax. No response to my call and email keeps getting returned. But I hadn't considered reconing. Thanks.
Judasmac, what is the problem with the woofer? It may be able to be repaired.

Yes, swapping a driver with one with much different characteristics will not be uncomplicated. Before you decide to undertake this proposition, I would look into the crossover. You might want to throw it at us. Generally, you are going to have to relieve the padding on the tweeter, ala lower/fewer resistors.

While many will start to curdle with fear, if you are intent on keeping these speakers, and the woofers cannot be repaired, you may have to explore this.

As a suggestion, I would contact with REAL WORLD experience in loudspeaker repair. He will be able to guide you. If you cannot locate such a person, let me know, a dear friend of mine is quite probably the best in the USA - I can put you in contact with him.
Actually, I do curdle with fear at the prospect of tinkering with the crossover. I really can't say just what's wrong with the woofer. No visible damage that I can see. Just the buzz on that bass solo. (I switched speakers and the buzz went away on the other speaker.) I'll try to locate someone who does speaker repair near me (Atlanta) for a consultation. If I fail to find anyone, I may contact you again, Trelja, about your friend. I'm not opposed to replacing the speakers, but I've just used up my stereo allowance on a new amp, so it would have to wait a few months. (I did go with the Jolida 302B. Thanks for your advice on that, Trelja.)
I am glad you are happy with the Jolida Judasmac!

It's actually a no brainer. Assuming one has speakers which are friendly to EL34 based tube amplifiers, the sound is really, really good. Closer to the best than most here will admit. At times, I have just been awestruck. Even with the stock tubes, with a sympathetic pair of speakers($1000 new!) and a good CD player, I have asked myself, "Damn, so many in this hobby spend $10K plus and never find happiness..." For about $2500, anyone can build a system that provides music.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if your local speaker guy doesn't pan out.