Replace stock power cord that came with Furman Elite 20PFi or stock is good enough?

I recently picked up an open-box Furman Elite 20 PFi power conditioner.   We frequently get power outages where I live, so the Furman is a little insurance.

The stock cord is 12 AWG.  I was thinking of replacing it with an Analysis Plus Power Oval 10 or Power Oval 2. 

I have a integrated tube amp and Nottingham Analogue Interspace Jr. TT.  Both PC cords on these are also stock but the PC on the Nottingham is not interchangeable.  It's connected directly to the Nott's motor.

The cost for a 4 ft. Power Oval 2  is more than I paid for the Furman, so it may not be the most cost effective upgrade..

This not the answer you want to hear however you really need to try one of the upgraded power cords and make the decision for yourself.
The exception would be if someone has a Furman power conditioner and can share their experience, otherwise its just speculation and personal preferences.
It was late, I probably should have gone to bed.  It's not that I'm not open to feedback and suggestions, I wasn't quite sure how to word the question.   Yes, I most definitely would like to hear from those that can share their experience, especially Furman owners.  And yes, I agree.  I'll have to try an upgraded power cord at some point.  
Really the question is how you came to alight on that particular Analysis Plus power cord.  There are many, many, very good PC's out there that won't break the bank.  Look at Triode Wire Labs and Cullen Cables, for two.
Really the question is how you came to alight on that particular Analysis Plus power cord.

I saw the AP Power Oval 10 advertised on Audio Advisor’s website. I believe it retails for $299. The Power Oval 2 comes up in google search
for Analysis Plus Power Oval. As to the later portion of your comment: Too many choices !!! --LOL

BTW - just had my handyman check my circuit box. The circuit feeding the room (which also feeds the master bedroom), where my gear is hooked up probably fried the motor in my Nottingham TT. There are known issues with the homes in my community where these particular circuits were installed when the homes were built 10 yrs. ago. He suggested replacing it.
For $299 look at Cerious Technologies cables Blue High current cable.

Thanks nutty - I'll check them out.
I have an AP power 14, it was supposed to go behind the wall for my plasma but came in after installation and I have never bothered putting it in.  Anyway, it is a darn nice improvement over stock on 2 different preamps.  I have always been curious about their higher offerings.
I have the same Furman Elite 20PFi.  It has power factor correction that consists of huge inductor and capacitor as a filter and the energy storage for the amp.  Linear power supply in your amp draws current in short spikes of very high amplitude.  That's why you normally need hefty power cord with good frequency response.  Furman provides 55 amperes of peak current to the high current outputs while presenting resistive load to mains.  I made short Belden (Teflon) power cords for my amp and DAC but use original stock cord between Furman and the wall.  My guess is that different power cord won't change much, but I'm very interested what you'll find.
Thank you for providing that information kijanki.  That's good to know.

I believe I may have found a suitable used Analysis Plus PC from someone here on Audiogon.  I'll be using the stock cable that came with the Elite 20 PFi  in the mean time.  I'm a bit concerned at this stage since the issue I began having with my Nottingham Interspace Jr.  Still waiting to hear back from the importer (Hollywood Sound, in Hollywood Fl.)  There is a 15 amp Arc-fault circuit interrupter that is on the circuit that supplies juice to the room where my gear is plugged into.  Based on information I received today from someone that knows quite a bit about the homes here where I live, I now suspect that this breaker may be responsible for damaging the Nott's motor.  If I do close the deal on the used Analysis Plus PC, I'll probably insert the AP between my amp and the Furman and stock cable between it and the wall.
Not having a good day. The male end of the Furman's PC is designed to fit into a 20 amp receptacle.  All the receptacles in my listening room are 15 amp.  I'll have to see if I can find an adapter.
I know that owners change Furman cabinet socket to 15A style - easier than finding 15A/20A cable.

My Furman REF20I power conditioner had originally a 20 amp connector for it A/C input. i swapped it out for a Furutech 15 amp IEC, so i could use the far more common 15 amp aftermarket cords.
03-19-12: Elizabeth

Well, I just got back from visiting:

1.  Home Depot that advertises a AC Works 15 Amp Household 20 Amp
     T-blade adapter that they don't carry in stock.
2.  Platt Electrical Supply that looked at me like I had 3 heads when I 
    asked if they had a 20-15 Amp T-blade adapter.
3.  Wally Mart that also advertises one but don't carry them in-store .
4.  Orchard Supply - Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.

The offer on the PC that I thought I was gonna buy fell through.

Looks like I'll be swapping out the 20 Amp connector for a 15 Amp one like Elizabeth. 

In the meantime, I've unplugged everything from the wall.

With the way my luck has been going today, I don't want to risk further damage to my gear. 

BTW - Does anyone know how to contact Elizabeth?
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Elizabeth is one of very active Audiogoners.  Send her an email.
I would suggest purchasing a high-end 15 to 20 amp cryoed adapter from someplace like VooDoo Cable (they sometimes advertise on Audiogon). After break-in, the adapter will not color the sound, I say that from experience, some say out of the box sound is not colored.
Hi this is Elizabeth here
I changed the 20 amp male chassis connector on my Furman REF20i to a Furutech 15amp style. The blades of the Furutech are really thick and the inside connector of that Furutech are screw and captive slot which FIT well to the Furman 10 gauge wires!
So the changeover was totally painless, and easy.
I think I used a Furutech Fi-10 $29.

I have used the Furman REF20i with the 15 amp IEC for several years now and nearly everything is plugged into it. Never a problem using the 15 amp Furutech IEC.

Then I was able to use my favorite Pangea AC9. which later was replaced with a better sounding AC9SE mkII

Pangea now has a powercord with the IEC 20 amp connector at the equipment end, but I am happy as the Furman is now.
Elizabeth - Awesome !!!

Thank you for joining the discussion.   I assumed that you had swapped out the chassis connector but I wanted to know how you sourced the appropriate replacement 15 Amp chassis connector.  Where should I start looking for a 15 amp chassis connector for my 20 PFi?

Not sure of the size but would you think this one from vhaduio would fit the bill:

It doesn't sound like there is any soldering involved.  Correct?
"VH Audio" carries the Furutech line.
No soldering. the wires lock in with setscrews.
Sweet - I received an email response from Furutech as well with schematics of the 15 amp IEC chassis connector.

It looks like Furutech is recommending their Fi-06 chassis connector for the 20 PFi

Thanks again Elizabeth