Replace Squeezebox Touch and improvement in SQ

I use the SB Touch with wireless connect to my network. Bypass the DAC out to a Wyred4Sound DAC-2. Down the chain is ARC tubes / Martin Logan Vantage. Listen to local FLAC files only.

1.) I'm not using the SB Touch DAC, but would I "greatly" benefit from upgrading the streamer/player (and continue to use an outboard DAC)? At what price point? Recommendations? Consider a budget of $300-$1,000 for used equipment.
***Also plan to upgrade the DAC soon - ~$2k budget used.

2.) In general, is there a difference in sound quality using WiFi vs Ethernet?
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I am not a big believer in streamers mattering.

More like the noise they put into the AC line, or don't matters.

Have you tried using a linear power supply for the SBT? It greatly reduces the cruft on the AC, so you get less into your analog gear.

Haivng said all of this, it's a very old DAC. New DAC's play redbook a lot better.
I continue to use my Logitech Touch as a Roon endpoint.  The EDO upgrade allows me to stream high res files (FLAC 192/24 and DSD64) via USB to my Ayre Codex.  I have a LPS for the Touch.  
I did not know Roon supported SBTs! That's interesting indeed!
Thanks to both of you. I'm hoping for more perspective on this. I just looked at the file info on the SB Touch. Never realized you could see all that info on bitrate, etc. It does show 192/24 on at least one album. Another from HDTRACKS shows 176.4/24 Does that mean it is playing at that rate? I know this is a stock SBT, we bought it new.